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The So Very 9.11.08

 20080911 [122:31m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (4879)

SoVery Mix
Fred Everything – “Here I Am” (Shur-I-Kan Mix) (Lazy Days)
Hillary Sargeant “Fanga Remixed” (Abicah Soul Mix)
Blaze – “How Deep Is Your Love”
DJ Spen and Tha Muthafunkaz – “Given Me Joy” (DJ Fudge Vocal Mix)
Melba Moore – “My Heart Belongs To You” (Ron Carroll’s BMC Vocal)
Trackheadz – “Feel” (Mr. V Dub)
Marko Militano – “Think of a Place” (Fred Everything Dub)
Ethan White and Lisa Shaw – “Find The Way” (Main Vocal Mix)
Malena – “Don’t Know Why I Love You”
Billie Holiday – “But Beautiful” (Tony Humphries THP Remix)
Panevino – “That’s The Way I Am”
The Sound Republic – “Get Loose”
Ronan – “Take Me Back” (Jevne Remix) (Onethirty Recording)

The So Very 8.7.08

 20080807 [175:07m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (4704)

Aloha Marlon!
Please check out the Going Away Parties this weekend – Saturday at Lotus and Sunday at Casa at Loft!

Marlon D – “Fear The Lord” (Vocal Mix) Underground Collective
Benny Pecoraio – “Sueno” (Original Mix) Barcoda
Home & Garden with Chez Damier – “In And Out” (J Tilla vs. Daz-I-Kue Vocal) (Om)
The Jinks feat. Radhika – “Lullaby” (The Jinks J-Fonk Dub) Jinks Inc
Fred Everything – “Here I Am” (Shur-I-Kan Vocal Mix) (Om)
Hercules And Love Affair – “You Belong” (D’s New Rhythm Bounce) You Belong (DFA)
Mike Dunn – “God Made Me Phunky” (Groove Assassins Mix) (Defected)
Shur-I-Kan – “Watchme” (Freerange)
Fred Everything – “Here I Am” (Shur-I-Kan Vocal Mix) (Om)
Miss Patty – “Get To Know You” (Mr. V Peaktime Vocal Mix) (Sole Channel)
Darryl D’Bonneau – “Miracles” (Jon Cutler’s Distant Music Groovy Mix)

Marlon’s Mix
Arnold Jarvis – Take Good Care Of Me
Lisa Shaw – Born To Fly (Joey Youngman Fetish Mix)
Sandra Lima – Higher
Tovar – Sugar Coated
Non Believers – To You (Hoodfellas Blue Magic Re-up)
Dave Allison – Soul Tonic
Erik Bo & Tony Will – Downtown
Tovar – Got To Let You
Giom – Stolen Soul
Jay West – Where You Belong
Home & Garden with Chez Damier – In And Out (BHQ TV Track)
Audiophreaks feat Lauryn Winter – Feels Like Heaven (Dave Miller Downtown Mix)
Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo – One Desire (Hideo Kobayashi Remix)
Giom – Be Free

The So Very LOVE-ly Show 2.14.08

 20080214 [177:12m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (6219)

Ananda Project – “Where The Music Takes You” (Pasta Boys Remix)
Ethan White & Lisa Shaw – “Find The Way” (Richard Earnshaw Tech Dub)
Demarkus Lewis – “Untitled Love Affair” (Mr. V Dub Mix)
Yogi and Husky – “It Feels Alright” (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Dub)
Vernon & DaCosta – “Just One Night”
Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham – “Kissing Strangers” (Original Mix)
Franck Roger – “Blind Way” Blind Way EP
Carlos Mena – “Drawn To Her” (Yoruba Soul Mix)

Lovely So Very MIX
Bonita Applebaum (House Mix)
Malena – “Cool Lil Thing” (Alix Alvarez Club Mix)
Tim Fuller – “Beautiful” (Fred Everything Mix)
Kem – “Heaven” (Marlon D and G.A. Mix)
Syren – “My First Love” (Mr. V Dub)
Norma Jean Bell – “I’m The Baddest Bitch”
Kimara Lovelace – “Only You” (Dirty Harry Nuvox Mix)
Brand New Heavies – “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”
Unknown – “Crazy Way” (Deep Vocal Mix)
Barack Obama/Will.i.am – “Yes We Can” (Casamena Basement Remix)
David Harness – “Say Yes” (Rotgut Records)
Thicke – “Would That Nake You Love Me?” (Harness Vocal)
Kenny Bobien – “Grateful”
DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz – “It’s So Easy” (DJ Spen’s 12″ Vocal Mix)
Eyereel Allstars – “Slowdown” (Earnshaw’s Vocal Mix)
Kimara Lovelace – “When Will Our Love Begin” (Timmy Regisford’s Shelter Vocal)

The So Very 2.7.08 LIVE from Casa

 20080207 [180:13m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5181)

This week we did something a little different. We played a live set from Casa, of Ms.Angel and DJ Marlon. We hope you like it!

Recorded live on January 27, 2008 at Casa @ The Loft, downtown Honolulu.

Tiger Stripes
Not To Mention (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Dub)
Eyereel Allstars – “Slowdown”
Tim Fuller – “You’re So Beautiful” (Fred Everything Vocal)
Buck Naked – “Stressed The Fuck Out”
Ron Carrol – “Walkin’ Down The Street”
Doogie Houser – “Gettin’ What’s Right”
Panevino – “The Way I Am” (Earnshaw Vocal)
Michael Jackson – “Rock With You” (Freemasons Bootleg Mix)
Quentin Harris feat. Margaret Grace – “My Joy”
Dennis Ferrer – “A Black Man In Space” (Sax Mix)
Shrewd vs Candy Dealers – The Things That We Do
Bang Bang – Prison Of Attraction (jay west)
Shrewd vs Candy Dealers – I Am A Fool
Late Night Society – Back In Town (Tom Special Interest MIx)
Anyo – Housekeeping
Joey Youngman – Suck That Binky
The Candy Dealers – Crayons
Ken ECB – Wrong Crowd
Kinky Movement – Peaker
Leon Louder – Stuff and Nonsense
Craig Hamilton – Sorry I’m Late
James Curd – Old Joe (James Curd Second Try Remis)
Soydan – V2
Million Dollar Grooves – Hustlin’ Grooves (Giano)
Chuck Daniels – Get On Down
Leon Louder – One Bad Mutha
Jazzmopper J – Might As Well Dance
The Sound Republic – Penny Slots
Manuel Sahagun – Tonight
Bryan Jones – Chicago Jack (Bobby & Klein Mix)
Ricky Ricardo – Naughty
Yass feat LT Brown – I’m Free

The So Very 1.17.08 guest DJ Marlon

 20070117 [182:20m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5388)

Lil’ Louis – “Club Lonely” (I’m On The Guest List Mix)
Lisa Millett – “When I’m Dancin’” (Spen’s 12″ Vocal Mix)
Jody Watley – “Borderline” (Vocal Mix) Borderline Remixes (Avitone Recordings)
Blaze – “How Deep Is Your Love” Found Love (Blaze Imprints)
Blaze – “Revolution Poem” The Best of Blaze, Vol. 3 – Natural Blaze (Blaze Imprints)
Brazilian Soul Crew – “Brazilian Soul”

DJ Marlon’s Mix
Soydan – “V2″ (Guesthouse)
Million Dollar Grooves – “Hustlin’ Grooves” (Giano) (Flatpack Traxx)
Jazzmoper J – “Might As Well Dance” (Guess Who)
Taste of Good – “I Know” (Will Funk Mix) (Distar)
Desperate House Guy – “Those Days” (Highjack)
Leon Fishbone – “One Bad Mutha” (Guess Who)
Ricky Ricardo – “Naughty” (Guess Who)
The Sound Republic – “Penny Slots” (Spatula City)
Manuel Sahagun – “Music For The People” (Look At You)
Manuel Sahagun – “Yes Girl” (Look At You)
The Quirk Burglars – “Bubble Theme” (Craig Hamilton Bong Hit) (Trendy Mullet)
Fabio Bacchini – “Music Is The Way” (Revival)
Groundholder – “Get Up” (Shak Digital)
Furniture Is Music – “Lisa Crimson Medley” (Q Sound)

Kimara Lovelace – “When Can Our Love Begin” (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Tim Fuller – “Beautiful” (Fred Everything Mix)
DJ Gregory – “Attend 1″ (Yass Mix)
Joi Cardwell – “Imperfect” (Underground Collective Mix)
Son of Raw – “A Black Man In Space” (Sax Mix)
Miss Patty – “You Don’t Want Me” (Vega)
Kimara Lovelace – “When Can Our Love Begin” (Timmy Regisford Shelter Anthem)