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The So Very 2.7.08 LIVE from Casa

 20080207 [180:13m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5107)

This week we did something a little different. We played a live set from Casa, of Ms.Angel and DJ Marlon. We hope you like it!

Recorded live on January 27, 2008 at Casa @ The Loft, downtown Honolulu.

Tiger Stripes
Not To Mention (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Dub)
Eyereel Allstars – “Slowdown”
Tim Fuller – “You’re So Beautiful” (Fred Everything Vocal)
Buck Naked – “Stressed The Fuck Out”
Ron Carrol – “Walkin’ Down The Street”
Doogie Houser – “Gettin’ What’s Right”
Panevino – “The Way I Am” (Earnshaw Vocal)
Michael Jackson – “Rock With You” (Freemasons Bootleg Mix)
Quentin Harris feat. Margaret Grace – “My Joy”
Dennis Ferrer – “A Black Man In Space” (Sax Mix)
Shrewd vs Candy Dealers – The Things That We Do
Bang Bang – Prison Of Attraction (jay west)
Shrewd vs Candy Dealers – I Am A Fool
Late Night Society – Back In Town (Tom Special Interest MIx)
Anyo – Housekeeping
Joey Youngman – Suck That Binky
The Candy Dealers – Crayons
Ken ECB – Wrong Crowd
Kinky Movement – Peaker
Leon Louder – Stuff and Nonsense
Craig Hamilton – Sorry I’m Late
James Curd – Old Joe (James Curd Second Try Remis)
Soydan – V2
Million Dollar Grooves – Hustlin’ Grooves (Giano)
Chuck Daniels – Get On Down
Leon Louder – One Bad Mutha
Jazzmopper J – Might As Well Dance
The Sound Republic – Penny Slots
Manuel Sahagun – Tonight
Bryan Jones – Chicago Jack (Bobby & Klein Mix)
Ricky Ricardo – Naughty
Yass feat LT Brown – I’m Free

The So Very 11.29.07 guest DJ Kittylee

 20071129 [319:23m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (4903)

Groove Junkies – “So Damn Crazy” (GJ’s Funk Fusion Mix) So Damn Crazy (Morehouse Records)
Murcielago – “Los Americanos” (Axwell Mix)
Don’t Bogart – “Soulfull” Don’t Bogart Vol.1 (2004-2007) (Creamy Records)
Roland Clark presents Urban Soul – “Have A Good Time” Have A Good Time (King Street Records)
Jellybean feat. Marlon D – “New York House” (Greg Gauthier Bongo Rock Mix)
Groove Box – “The More You Want”un-Mix the Vibe: Louie Vega Part 2 (Nite Grooves)
Barbara Tucker – “I Get Lifted” (Go To Church Mix)
Ananda Project – “Christmas Lights” Christmas In The House (King Street Sounds)

SoVery Mix
Kenny Bobien – “Set Them Free” (Rocco Spectral Dub)
Hardsoul & Ron Carroll – “My Life” (Greg & Jeroenski Big Room Dub) 12″EP (Hardsoul)
Emil Lanne – “A Rhythmic Foundation” (Onethirty Recordings)
Ethan White & Lisa Shaw – “Find The Way” (Main Vocal Mix)
Liquid People pres. Danism – “Mesmerise” (Conan Liquid Dub)

SoVery Mix by DJ Kittylee
Tommy Largo – “Makin’ Me High” (Guesthouse)
Troydon – “Drop It” (Spatula City)
Sexual Chocolate – “What’s My Name” (Junky Trunk)
Miles Maeda – “My World” (Bump)
Pint Size- “Island Sunset” (Da Sunlounge) (Onethirty)
Miles Maeda- “Lovely Daye (Greenskeepers 205 Mix) (DAE
Jay West- “Drink and Dance” (Flavor)
The Quirk Burglars- “Butter Me Up” (Trendy Mullet)
The Quirk Burglars- “We Ain’t From Chicago” (Clean House)
Hoodfellas- “Shake Your Pendelum” (Chuck Daniels Mix) (Sampled)
Jake Childs- “Be Who You Want to Be” (Stovetop)
Manuel Sahagun- “Be My Layer” (Da Sunlounge) (Flavor)
Terminator X- The Boogie That Be” (Guess Who)
Special Interest- “The Come Back” (Tango)
Da Sunlounge- “Baby How Long” (Doubledown)

Eyereel Allstars – “Slowdown” (Earnshaw’s Vocal Mix)
Roachford and Carl Kennedy – “Ride The Storm” (Morten Trust Deep Vocal)
Ron Carrol – “Toni” (Original Mix)