What the Heck is a Podcast?

Podcasts have been called “Tivo for web content”. But if you’re not familiar with podcasts or Tivo, that’s not much help. Think of it like a magazine subscription, except you never have to pay for it. You use a program called an “feed aggregator” or “podcatcher” to get your podcasts. Once you subscribe, you rely on your podcatcher to deliver you your new issues. You don’t have to visit the site, and you’ll always get your new shows on time. How do you like that?

Sounds easy. But how do I do it?

First of all, you DON’T need an ipod. All you really need is a computer, and if you want to take the shows with you, an mp3 player (like an iPod) that you’ll convert the shows to from your computer. All you need is a program that can grab the new shows for you every week, like a mailman who delivers your new magazines. In fact, you may already have the program you need!

Offline Podcatchers

There are several programs that you can download and install, which will allow you to subscribe to a podcast. Here’s a few of our favorites:

iTunes – Like I said, you may already have it. How easy is that?

Juice – The original! And it’s free.


Fire Ant

Online Podcatchers

Some people can’t handle the idea of downloading another program. What a hassle! And what if you want to check if you got a new show when you’re away from your computer? Outta luck. That’s why there are some fabulous online aggregators that will serve you The So Very Show, wherever you go. Choose any of the three below by clicking on the buttons. That should take you to a page that will subscribe you, and ask you to set up an account. All three of these services are FREE.

Add The So Very Show to ODEO

Subscribe in podnova

Add to Pageflakes

Ok, I picked an aggregator. Now what?

The hardest part is over. Now you need to look for a link that says “Add Feed” or “Add Podcast”, sometimes “Subscribe to Feed” or “Subscribe to Podcast”. In iTunes, go to “Advanced” and click on “Subscribe to Podcast”, then in the dialog box, paste this url:


OR, if you have iTunes, just click here:

iTunes Logo

You’re subscribed! Done!

Wow, thanks. That was pretty painless.

You’re welcome. Enjoy!

Questions? Problems? Complete confusion? Send Ms.Angel an email.