Taking a Break

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Aloha all!

In case you haven’t noticed (and I know some of you did) The So Very Show has been taking a break. I’ve been receiving some emails from some of my subscribers asking for updates and you deserve them. So… here goes.

A couple of things happened over the last couple of weeks/months. These aren’t excuses, but explanations, which I’m offering if you want to hear them.

First of all, Casa ended a little while back due to lack of attendance. Second of all, I had some website problems which I wasn’t able to solve myself, and resulted in delays in posting and lots of banging-my-head-on-the-wall moments. Third, I started working late at my day job (yes, I have one!) due to deadlines and such. And finally, I had a really bummer of a moment a couple of months ago when I got yelled at by a producer for “killing house music”. It’s a long story and I won’t bore you with it, except to say that it really bummed me out. All of these things combined made it very hard for me to keep up the 3-hour-live-show-with-a-live-mix, plus tracklist, plus podcast format that we have been used to for the past 5-6 years.

I’d like to continue the show, and the one and only reason for continuing it would be you guys, my listeners. I’m looking at some much-needed changes including changing the length of the show and format, and improving the website.

I’ve always been rather wary of soliciting feedback from my listeners. It’s nothing personal, I think it goes back to the old days of being the only female dj at 3 in the morning on a college station, resulting in mostly phone calls from stoners and heavy breathers. But I realize that if I’m going to continue to do the show for YOU, I should ask you for some input. So, email me or leave me some comments, please. I’d like to hear what you like about the show (so I don’t get rid of it) and what you’d like to hear, or even a simple “I’m listening!” in the comments would be great. I’ll keep you guys updated via the email list (are you subscribed?) as to when the next show will be.

In the meantime, I’ve selected from our WEALTH of back catalog of shows, an archived show for you to enjoy this week. Here’s an oldie but goodie from the KTUH days. Enjoy!

For the playlist from this show, visit: http://www.sovery.org/2006/08/24/week-of-82406-mix-by-pachi/

6 Responses to “Taking a Break”

  1. 1 Michelle

    Totally understandable that you’d need a break but I will definitely miss your show. I’ve been listening for years and have loved the music, humor, DJ info. I also use your website often. I’m sorry I never made it to Casa – Sunday nights were impossible for me. You are one of the best DJs on this island and in the world!!! You’ve helped build/maintain the scene here and it was always apparent that you worked your butt off (but it seemed like you were having fun too, and that love what you do). I hope your rest is peaceful, restorative, productive…Best wishes and happy holidays/2009.

  2. 2 kristel

    I’m listening!

    Found your site not too long ago and I ended up downloaded a bunch of sets. Sometimes I listen to it when I’m writing–it’s great stuff. I don’t know a lot about house music, but I do like all types of music, and so your show is a great way for me to learn more! Please keep doing what you’re doing! :)

  3. 3 dj proparations

    hey ms angel! add me to the list of listeners that have been wondering what happened to the show. as i prefer to listen live, i would try to tune in thursday nights but to no avail. as with most things in life, changes are inevitable but please keep the show going! also, tell the naysayers to take a hike (to say it kindly)! it seems as though these type of ppl are always around and attempt to thwart our progress. as in many aspects in life, hateful comments and attitudes come with the territory and music is no exception. what i’ve been trying to learn myself is to channel that energy and emotion back into your work and let it be a motivator. well, i thought i would drop you a few words of encouragement. i’ve had many of my favorite radio shows end, never to be heard of again and i want to say thanks for the hard work and for your decision to keep the show going. i’m totally willing to help the show out in anyway that i can be it promoting or whatever, let me know. also, i’ll sign up for the emailing list, didn’t know about that. i look forward to hearing you on the airwaves again. happy holidays!

  4. 4 ms.angel

    Thanks you guys!
    I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the show. I want to try harder to keep it sounding good, which is the point of me taking a break. I also plan to post archived shows every week so you have something to listen to (and I have something to laugh at!) I’ve got some oldies but goodies around here somewhere…

  5. 5 Qio

    I’m in La and love listening to your show. Finding quality house radio is pretty rare and I hope you come back soon.

  6. 6 D-Reflection


    Found out your website a while ago and even when I didn’t listened much (I’m not really a radioshow-listener) it’s a pity to hear that your taking a break. What I could say about the times i’ve listened is that you have a smooth, nice voice and there’s humor in the show :) Besides that I’d liked the mix from Cryptik a lot and some other mixes were quite ok.

    Good luck, keep the housemusic fresh and happy holidays.

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