This week on the SV: Foolish Felix, Cynic Records

UPDATE: This week’s broadcast will begin one hour earlier, at 8pm Hawaii Standard Time. (11pm Pacific Standard Time, 2am Eastern Standard Time, 6am GMT) Synchronize your watches! Remember to visit to tune in!

It was September 21st, 2006 that we were first introduced to Mr. Foolish Felix. Immediately, we hit it off.

“You like house music? We like house music! You have a British accent? We like British accents!”

Foolish Felix @ KTUH Studios on The So Very Show, 9.21.06

But our interests in common didn’t stop there. Felix frequents that Honolulu haven of disco (and house!), thirtyninehotel, following in the footsteps (or should we say beats?) of his good friend DJ Harvey. But how could someone (a dj) sound “similar” to someone (DJ Harvey) who is so eclectic? Why, by bringing his own personal brand of eclecticism, one might even say Cynicism, into the mix.

For those of you who missed the first go-round, here’s a quick bio on Felix, boss of Cynic Records, from the Cynic Records site:

‘Foolish’ Felix Dickinson has been DJing around the UK and the globe since the early 90′s- from long-term residencies in Brighton to gigs in Japan, California, Sweden, France, Greece and India. He has also released on Session, Discfunction, Wax Records, Ugly Music, Fools Gold and Big Bear under monikers Tacklehead, Foolish Fellas, L.H.A.S. Inc, Foolish and Shacra, and D.Bastedos.

[Source][More on Felix and Cynic Records]

Felix will be the guest at Double Joy Disco at thirtyninehotel on Saturday, September 15th. This Thursday, September 13th, he’ll be our guest on The So Very Show where he’ll be doing an interview and a mix set and hopefully we’ll get to hear about his upcoming projects and releases!

Until then, you can relax with some Foolish Felix mixes and a clip from my favorite Cynic Records cut “You Can Come and Get It” by Foolish and Sly. (If you just can’t get enough of it, you can hear the full track on the 9/21/06 podcast of The So Very Show, or you can visit Cynic Records to get the full length on vinyl or mp3.

Clip from “You Can Come and Get It” – Foolish and Sly


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