Aloha, a hui hou Haboh!


In Spring of 2003, The So Very Show began a new direction. We said goodbye to co-host DJ Dora, as she went on to host the successful and always eclectic “Over the Moon” show, featuring, of all things, showtunes. I had a lot of my friends ask me who I was going to pick for a new co-host and I contemplated whether I should even have one. I knew that if I did have a co-host, he/she would have to be all about the music.

One Friday night, Bubbles and I went to Indigo (that was back when Bubbles still went to Indigos), and Haboh was spinning. We hadn’t seen him for at least a year – he had moved to California. Bubbles liked the way he danced, I liked the way he DJed, but neither of us knew him really well. As we listened to his music, we were reminded again of how much we loved deep house, and how much we loved Haboh, and how unique his sound really was. He seemed like a nice enough guy. After he passed the headphones to Chittom, I went up to him to say hello.

We immediately got into a pretty in-depth discussion (as I remember it) about house music. Bubbles was there, and after Haboh stepped away, he said to me, “You should invite him on the show.” I said I would do one better than that, I would ask him to co-host it. So just like that, Haboh became the co-host of The So Very Show, and he’s been doing it ever since.

It was the success of one of his first sets on the show that made us decide to do a weekly dj mix, which we’ve kept up for several years now. Being a part of the show is something that he has committed the past 3 years of his life to, and it’s been fun. Haboh helps me book djs for the show, promote it, do live mixes on air, select music, and interview guests.

This week marks possibly his last So Very show, as Haboh is moving back to California in the near future. He will be missed! Tonight, he’ll play a farewell set on the show and you can catch him once more on Saturday at the Living Room. Aloha, a hui hou Haboh! (goodbye, until we meet again.) I expect you to share the So Very love to the West Coast and Keep In Touch!!

Randall Jones, Tigerhook Corp.Randall Jones has an impressive resume as Tigerhook Corp., producing tracks for SAW recordings and Renaissance. Progressive fans are probably already excited. But deep house and house fans will be further intrigued to hear that Mr. Jones counts Josh Wink and King Britt among his mentors. Randall Jones is making his Hawaii debut at Lotus Soundbar for Vybe Nights this Saturday, June 23 and will be stopping by the show tonight to play some of his tunes and do a little preview set. For more info on Randall Jones, check out his label, Mynt Music.

By the way, congrats to Vybe Nights, Lotus, and Next Door crew for the fantastic Louie Vega show last weekend!

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