Week of 4/26/07 mix by Sugiurumn

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Miguel Migs – “So Far” Those Things (Salted)
One Day You'll Dance For Me Tokyo!Dalminjo – “Come Here” One Day You’ll Dance For Me Tokyo (Deeplay)
More On This Album

Deyamport – “It’s You” Slope Is Dope (Sonar Kollektiv)
Sugiurumn – “Travelling” What Time Is Summer of Love? (Avex)
Markus Enochson – “Endless Dance” Night Games (Sonar Kollektiv)
LCD Soundsystem – “Someone Great” Sound of Silver (DFA)
Beat Pharmacy – “Pieces” Constant Pressure (Deep Space)

SoVery mix by Sugiurumn
SugiurumnFC Nond – “The Cure” (Chus ” A Night Latin Rhythm” Muchodrums Rework) 12″EP (Tribo Recordings)
Funky Dream Men – “Tuareg” 12″EP (Fragile)
Eric Laville & J.M. Sicky – “Unknown” (The Cube Guys Remix) 12″ (Azuli)
Ben Delay – “Clubmusic is Dead!” (Vocal) 12″EP (Mylo Recordings)
Jesse Garcia – “Off Da Hook!” (Original) 12″EP (Stealth)
Coburn – “I Get My Kicks” (Robbie Rivera Remix) 12″EP (Frontier)
Speaker Junk – “Foxxy” 12″EP (Dubsided)
THe Beach and Tia – “Sexy” (Vocal Mix) 12″EP (House of Jed-eye)
Lustral – “Many Years from Now” (D-nox and Beckers Remix) 12″EP (Baroque)
Santos – “Mad Acid” 12″EP (Mantra)
ATM – “Sax Machine” (Original) 12″EP (Sunshine)
Lionel Richie – “All Around the World” (Bob Sinclair Remix) 12″EP (Universal)
Sound of Eden – “Another Chance” (Bodyrox Vocal Mix) 12″EP (Phonetic)
Faithless – “Music Matters” (Axwell Remix) 12″EP (BMG)

Sugiurumn – “Live for Tonight” What Time is Summer of Love? (Avex)
Dalminjo – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (Dalminjo Rework) One Day You’ll Dance for Me Tokyo! (Deeplay)
from Habitat Collection: Twilight mixed by Keith Evan
Trackheadz – “Our Music” (Kaje 2006 remix)
Sol Selegna – “Ah Yeah”
Mike Fresco pres. Sambastate – “Reachin’” (Todd Patterson’s Vibal rub)
DJ Said and Hideo Kobayashi – “Children of the Drums” (main mix)
Tarot & Marbach feat. Dominique Roy – “Freeway’ (Deep dub mix)

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  1. 1 The SV 4/26/07 with DJ Sugiurumn at The So Very Show
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