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The SV 3/8/07 with DJ Heather

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Week of 3/8/07 mix by DJ Heather

 20070308 [184:29m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (9945)

St. Germain – “Rose Rouge” 12″EP (Blue Note)
Jimpster – “Love Like This” Amour (Freerange)
Dalminjo – “This Time” One Day You’ll Dance For Me Tokyo (Deeplay)
Franck Roger – “The Chase” The Chase EP (Seasons)
1Luv – “Daylight” Slope Is Dope (Sonar Kollektiv)
Habitat Collection: Twilight mixed by Keith Evan Kinkysweet
Trackheadz – “Our Music” Trackheadz (
Sol Selegna – “Ah Yeah”
Mike Fresco Pres. Sambastate – “Reachin’” (Todd Patterson’s Vibal Rub)
DJ Said And Hideo Kobayashi – “Children Of The Drums” (Main Mix)
Tarot & Marbach Feat. Dominque Roy – “Freeway” (Deep Dub Mix)
Rain/A Lil’ Louis Painting – “Give It Up” (Ricanstruction Bass Dub)

SoVery mix by DJ Heather
Dj HeatherUnknown – “Love Plus” (Derrick Carter Remix)
Demarkus Lewis – “Sunlight Moonlight” (BHQ Remix)
DJ Bang – “The B.E.A.T.”
Marko Militano – “What U Say”
Lee Mortimer – “Crazy”
No Assembly Firm – “Influence in Numbers”
Lady Bug Mecca – “Dogstar”
ECB & DJ Heather – “Picture of You”
Anyo – “Boom Boom”
Mark Almaria – “Uh Huh”
Mario Fabriani – “Spudda Dudda Doo”
Ion – “Follow the Groove”
Kelvin K – “Dirty Basement”

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Frankie Knuckles – “The Whistle Song”
Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Ray Mang & Foolish Felix – “Disco Dementia” Disco Dementia EP
Ms.Angel’s Pick of the Week
Natalie Williams – “You Don’t Know” (Giom Remix) forthcoming on Black Cherry*

*DJ Heather provided this special sneak peek to our live radio listeners. Sorry podcast listeners! You’ll just have to wait until the release is put out this summer. :)

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This Week: SoVery Heather!

March 8, 2007 The So Very Show w/guest DJ Heather!

The SV 3/1/07 with Barclay

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Week of 3/1/07 mix by Barclay

 20070301 [192:43m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5409)

Peven Everett – “Stuck” (Phil Asher Remix) Single (Soul Heaven)
Miles Maeda – “Unknown”
Ron Hall & Tha Muthafunkaz – “I Don’t Want You Anymore” (Club Mix)
Peven Everett – “Bad Treatment” Power Soul (Soul Heaven)
Tim Fuller – “Go” (Troydon Mix)
Fish Go Deep – “Cure and the Cause” (Dennis Ferrer Mix)
Leo Portela – “Feel Right” (Jevne Remix) Single (Onethirty Recordings)

SoVery Mix by Barclay
BarclayRoy Davis Jr. feat. Peven Everett – “Watch Them Come” (DC’s Classic BHQ edition) Unreleased Mixes (Bombay)
The Dolphins – “House Panic” (Original) 12″EP (Hooj)
Deep House Project – “Hot Lava” (Lum’s Down Under Flip) 12″EP (Deep House Project)
Da Sunlounge – “1 Club/1 Disco” Jam Sandwich EP (Myna)
Miles Maeda – “Make Some Love” (Love Exchange Mix) The Totally Hidden Disco EP(Dust Traxx)
Grand Dell and DJ Hogi – “How Do You Feel?” Masonic Noodles EP (Pancake Recordings)
Richard Dinsdale – “Pull Me Under”
Markie Star – “Rattlesnake” 12″EP (Big Chief)
My Robot Friend – “Swallow”
Till West & DJ Delicious – “Same Man” (James Dean You Send It Remix) (Data)
Avenue D – “Do I Look Like a Slut?” (Hector Fonseca Remix) 12″EP (*69)
Tiga – “You Gonna Want Me” (12″ Dance Mix) 12″EP (Pias)
Dopplereffekt – “Porno Actress” Comin’ from tha D (Blueprint)
Beckett & Taylor – “Dumb Us Down” Let’s Smash Up Our Love EP (Soundslike)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Todd Terry – “I Thought Your Love” Single
Barclay’s Pick of the Week
Nicolas Vallee – “Intercom 1″ Acid Punch/Intercom EP (Bits)
Inland Knights – “Without You” Single (Drop)
Brian Harden – “Tour De Chi” Single

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