Miami Madness

The So Very Show finds a fan in Miami!

This week’s show is full of french fried fun and special sauce. Bubbles and I traveled nearly 5,000 miles for house music last week, so you better believe we’ll go the extra mile to bring you a good show!

First of all, the thank you’s! I just finished uploading the podcast of last week’s show which was hosted by our very own Haboh and my favorite Weasley brother, George The Whipping Boy. Our lovely guests kept the balance of the sexes – from the Housewives SF, Michelle Sanz and Larissa Gamarra. Both ladies brought the soul! We’re also very happy that Larissa has recently moved to Hawaii – we plan to hear more from her in the future! The show is now available for download from the website and podcast.

Speaking of the website and podcast, I’ve gotten several inquiries about both, so I’d like to give you the full 411. First of all, went completely down a couple of weeks ago, and stayed down for several days. Along with, our old site, went down as well, and our old feed. Once gets fully functional again, I’ll get a redirect on there so no one gets lost. But the real news is that the site has officially moved, to a url that some of you were already using and that we’ve been announcing on the air for some time:

I’m still working out some kinks but for almost three weeks now, the new site has been up and running. The podcast is now located at:

If you are subscribed in iTunes or any other service and you haven’t been getting your podcast episodes recently, please check your feed address and make sure it’s the right one. And do it quick, you might’ve missed some really good shows!

Now on to Miami news – this was the second year that Bubbles and I braved the 13 hour cross country trip to Florida. The weather was better, but we missed our roomie, DJ Fez! It’s always fun to spread aloha, and I passed out cds and fliers, as well as my favorite pre-packaged omiyagi – chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Hawaiian Host should really sponsor our show… *sigh*!

Jojo Flores at gotsoul partyWe met some really cool people and got to catch up with some of our favorite SoVery guests. Inbum Cho of Avondale Music Society played tourist with us all week – we love Chicago! Some of my favorite parties included the Swank/House Society party where we caught up with Keith Evan and Justin Michael, and met Joey Youngman. Fun! Later the same night we headed over to the gotsoul/therapy party and checked out Osunlade, Jojo Flores, and Danny Krivit! While there, we also met up with our good friend DJ FLX who gave us the lowdown on the 3Degrees Party.
Jayvi and Ms.AngelAt the 3Degrees party (and pretty much everywhere else) we caught up with our friend Jayvi Velasco.

I did get to see my favorite crew from last year, the dirtybird crew including Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, Worthy, and Christian Martin. We also went to the amazing Get Physical party and I seriously got my fill of techy, minimal, dark, and bass. But the theme of this year for me was definitely rooted in deep, soulful house. It seems that deep is back, and no one is more ready to welcome it with open arms than me! The 3Degrees family played some amazing music with Jellybean Benitez, Julius The Mad Thinker, and our own DJ FLX behind the decks. Live performances by Monique Bingham, Kenny Bobien, and Tortured Soul made for a night I will never forget.

Like I said, deep is back, and I’m very excited to say that this is one trend Honolulu won’t be behind on. DJ FLX comes to Hawaii this weekend and will be playing at Lotus on Saturday and Casa on Sunday.

DJ FLX at Casa 4.1.07

While at the 3Degrees party in Miami, I got to meet Kenny Bobien, who is one of my favorite artists. His performance was like water for a thirsty soul. He is planning to come out to Lotus Soundbar in May. I also heard that Jojo Flores may be returning to Next Door this year as well.

Tonight’s show is going to be dedicated to the new friends we made and the friendships we’ve maintained. Here’s to friends!

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  1. 1 Inbum

    Damn, we had so much fun with you guys!

  2. 2 Nikki

    WOW…i feel so special!!!

    So happy to meet the ones that make my job a little more easier! (Listening to your mixes while working!)

    Such a blast in Miami…next stop : Hawaii!!!

    Much Luv from L.A…


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