This week on the SV: Keith Evan and Dev

Smooth grooves. Soul.

This week’s show is all about beauty and soul. Our guests this Thursday are both first-timers on the So Very show, and we’re excited to have them.

Keith Evan (House Society)We’re very happy to be hosting Keith Evan. Residing in Las Vegas, Keith is dedicated to bringing soul to the city of sin. And his dedication to his craft and the music he loves has paid off: he’s a resident at several of the hottest nights in town, including Godspeed, Soundbar, Fleur de Lys, and Late Night Empire. (Note to self: must visit one of these nights when next in Vegas!) He’s also just put out a mix on Kinkysweet, called Habitat: Twilight. We’ll play a bit from his cd so you can hear it as well. Our last encounter with the Habitat series was with Habitat: Beach when Justin Michael visited us in 2006, which we really enjoyed. This is turning out to be a great series which gives Hawaii folks a chance to hear and discover some regional favorites.

Keith Evan, Mike Fuller at Next Door 2.2.07Speaking of which, this is not Keith’s first visit to Hawaii. We have Next Door to thank for bringing him out. Next Door has brought him out before, to a solid response. If you’ve slept on his previous visits, you’ll want to make sure to check him out this Friday at Next Door for First Friday. Thanks to Next Door for bringing it!

We’ve also got a local favorite this week: Dev. If you’re in the Oahu house scene, you’ve definitely seen Dev, tearing it up on the dancefloor, in the center of a circle, showing off some hot new moves, or on the decks. casa 1Dev’s style is all about smoothness that can be found in his dancing, djing, and his design work. Dev is an accomplished designer – among many other things, he’s designed the Casa flier, which I absolutely love!

casa 2Dev is also a resident at Casa, where he spins deep house on Sundays at Bliss. You can check him out this week at Casa for “Boys’ Night” which also features DJs Akio and Cryptik. Boys get in free before 11pm. And I thought Boys’ Day was in May!

We’ve also had a few (small) changes made to our website – we hope you enjoy them. First of all we’d like to welcome our fellow house heads from around the world – The So Very Show website is now available in several different languages! Another new feature: if you haven’t subscribed to the podcast yet, it’s now easier than ever. Click on the iTunes button in the sidebar and it will launch your iTunes and take you straight to the So Very podcast in the iTunes store. Hit “Subscribe” and you’re on your way to automatically downloading new shows through iTunes!

And there’s one more goody for our local house heads. The Events page, which had been pretty static of late, now holds the latest house music events that I can get my hands on. Hope to see you on the dancefloor!

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