The So Very Show 1/25/07: Masters

We’ve got three guests this week: three masters of their craft. FLX, Rob Paine, and Dimitri from Paris will be visiting our show this week, and we’re inviting you to listen in. Together we’ll be sharing music, stories, and lots of love. Please tune in this Thursday, January 25th!

Let us introduce you to our guests:

FLX – 3Degrees, Chicago Sound Source
FLX @ Cuatro in Chicago, November 2006
FLX is someone who has music in his blood. He feels rhythms and melodies in his fingertips. Watching him spin, you can see the music too, as he uses his whole body to bring the rhythm and energy he feels out of the music he plays. His sets are exciting, employing house and latin rhythms, drawing upon his island roots and melodies, as well as the pulsating beats of his hometown of Chicago.

FLX is also part of 3Degrees, a wonderful collective of house music lovers that spans the country. For more information on 3Degrees, visit 3 Degrees Global.

FLX will be djing at Casa this Sunday, January 28th. We’re very excited to have him play on the So Very show once more, and if this is your first time hearing him spin, you are in for a treat!

Rob Paine – Worship Records, Philadelphia
Rob Paine at Next Door 1/27/07
Rob Paine knows how to bring on the dub. A pioneer for what house djs call “dub-house”, Rob Paine has released productions on his own imprint, Worship Records, as well as other well respected house labels such as Large, Tango, Grayhound, and Jah Love. His love of reggae and dub music has always been an influence on his productions and his djing and he brings his understanding of these rhythms into his house music. Be prepared to get into a deep groove.

While in Hawaii, Rob will be spinning at Next Door on Oahu on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night. On Friday, he will be spinning on the Big Island at Kaikodo.

For more information on Rob Paine and Worship Records, visit Worship Records online.

Dimitri from Paris – Night at the Playboy Mansion Series, Cruising Attitude, Sacre Bleu
Dimitri from Paris at Lotus Soundbar 1/26/07
Sacre Bleu! Dimitri from Paris is coming to Hawaii?

It’s official. Dimitri from Paris is in Honolulu and he will be playing at one of Waikiki’s newest nightspots, Lotus Soundbar on Friday, January 26th. We’re excited to be able to have him come on the So Very show and talk about his music and playing here in Hawaii. His artist albums Sacre Bleu and Crusing Attitude have garnered him praise among fans of more than just house music, including downtempo, lounge, exotica, latin, jazz, and world music. His mixes for Night at the Playboy Mansion have the deep, jazzy, soulful blend of house music that brings people together. We’ll also be previewing his mix Super Disco Friends with DJ Muro that came out in 2006: a gem of disco and house get-down goodness.

Perhaps we can get him to answer the question we’ve been waiting 10 years to ask: As a dj whose career and aesthetic frequently references the ethos of being a cosmopolitan jet-setting citizen of the world, what took you so long to come to Hawaii?

On second thought, we’re just happy he’s here, so maybe we won’t put him on the spot. :)

Next week on the SV: Guest mixes from Keith Evan (Kinkysweet, Las Vegas), and the SV debut of Dev (Casa) Don’t miss it!

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