Week 1/11/07 mix by Chrystalline, Diz

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Ron Trent – “The Answer” World, Sky and Universes (Prescription)
Kelvin K – “2 Doors Down” (Members Only Remix) 12″EP (Nordic Trax)

Dj Diz – “From Home with Love” (Loveslap Records) Released January 16, 2007
Dj Diz - From Home With Love (Loveslap)
Flowz – “Get U Some” (Horns Mix)
Kingsley – “Soul Player”
Shur-I-Kan – “Music”
Vibezelect & Bobby Hudson – “Cali Weed”
LDOE – “Crimes” (JT’s Latenight Dub)
Galletly – “Alley Tree Lowdown”
Mario Fabriani – “So Good” (Members Only Mix)
Tiger Sprouts – “Hillybilly Disc Jockey”

Jody Watley – “Waiting in Vain” (Ron Trent Mix) The Makeover (Avitone)

SoVery mix by Chrystalline
ChrystallineMojo Project – “In My Life” (Original) 12″EP (Love Monk)
New Electric Dog – “Strawberry Poker” Buzzfunk EP (Wasnotwas)
John Larner & Slater Hogan – “Movin’” Movin’ Our Way EP (OAE)
Young Governors – “Jazz Funk” Northern Alliance EP (Tango)
Jevne with Fourfeet – “Take My Time” (Justin Martin Mix) 12″EP (onethirtyrecordings)
DJ Homewrecker – “Sur Sucio” 12″EP (Guess Who)
Inland Knights and the Littlemen feat. Brown – “A Part of Me” (Inland Knights ‘Pointing’ Mix) A Part of Me EP (Drop)
Spettro – “Confusion” (Diesel & Desmet’s Horny Rubdown) 12″EP (Amenti)
Bryan Jones vs. Mario Fabriani – “Headrush” 23 Candles EP (Fetish)
Mr. V – “Jus Dance” (SOLE Channel Mix) 12″EP (Vega)
Urban Jazz Naturals – “How Can I?” (JT Donaldson Remix) 12″EP (Gallery)

SoVery mix by Diz
DizUneaq – “Night Music”
Joey Youngman – “The Girth”
Joey Youngman – “Selfish”
Joss Moog – “Forever Pimpin”
Iz & Diz – “Love Vibe”
Marko Militano – “What You Say”
White Collar Criminals – “I’ve Said”
Prince – “Who’s Pimpin Who”
Dubble D – “Honey”
Audiomontage – “Music”
Tenshis Narnia – “3 Tenshis”

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