Old Friends, New Friends!

This week’s So Very show has got some goodies for you:

First up, DJ Saya will be swinging by to talk about Concord Dawn, a drum and bass duo that is coming to Indigo tomorrow night.

DJ SayaWhat’s that? DnB on a HOUSE music show? That’s right! Saya’s been on the show before, and brings with her a great blend of both melodic and banging tunes that house heads can appreciate too. The Honolulu scene is a small one, and you can often see Haboh and even Ms.Angel at a dnb event, supporting our local dnb scene. (Disclosure: Ms.Angel will be djing at the Concord Dawn show, in another room.) Lightahs up!

DJ Fez at Casa Feb 2006Next up we’ve got THE RETURN of DJ Fez! DJ Fez first came on our show in September of 2004. Since moving to Hawaii several years ago, he’s become an indispensible part of the scene. A residency at Speakeasy Saturdays brought him into The Living Room and into our hearts. When not behind the decks, he can be found on the dancefloor, making new friends, dancing, and being asked about house music.

Fez was recently called to extend his house music ambassadorship overseas to Iraq. In March of 2006 we had one last set with him on The So Very Show and then we bid him farewell. Now he’s reached the halfway point of his tour and he’s come back to visit us! He’s also been keeping up with house music through the wonders of the internet, so expect something new and fresh, and as always, lots of fun!

Scott CarrelliScott Carrelli will be our final guest for this evening. Special thanks to DJ Akio for hooking it up! Scott comes from San Francisco where he is a resident for SatelliteSF at Anu. He’ll be playing an exciting blend of deep house, progressive, breaks, electro and techno. He’s also djing at Next Door with Luke Fair on Friday, and Lotus Soundbar on Saturday.

Thanks for tuning in!

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