James Curd and Richard Henry on The SV!


The So Very Show tour of Chicago was a SUCCESS! (and by that I mean we got back in one piece.) We had a blast. Much Mahalos to DJ FLX, Avondale Music Society, Marloca and Melon, Karl Almaria, Michael Lacey and all the wonderful heads who made our stay So Very enjoyable. Chi-town, you now have a special place in our hearts and we will be back!

SV w/the Chi-town Crew!

That being said, this week’s show definitely isn’t pulling any punches. We’ve got a whole mess of new promos that will keep us bumpin on the radio for weeks. No worries, we’ll be sharing them with our So Very listeners fo’ sho’. But first, this week we’ve got some very special guests:

James Curd from The Greenskeepers (Chicago, Om Records) is in town to play for the new spot, Lotus in Waikiki. Mahalos to Ramyt and Mark Chittom (aka DJ Mark, aka Burt Reynolds) from Lotus for hooking it up. It’s been exactly 1 year, 1 month, and 3 days since he last rocked the airwaves of Honolulu on The So Very Show… and we can’t wait for him to do it all over again! (Click here for last year’s goodness.)

The Greenskeepers are certainly busy! The follow up to their debut, Pleetch (Released Jan 25, 2005) is already out, entitled “Polo Club” (Released October 24, 2006). We’re excited to hear the new tunes!

Plus too, did I mention that James Curd is playing at the newest club in Waikiki, Lotus? This Saturday, he’ll be rocking what is rumored to be one of the hottest soundsystems on the island.
James Curd at Lotus

The Chicago goodness just won’t stop: our good friend Richard Henry will on the show this week, too! Richard is a Chi-town transplant who has played all over Honolulu, including holding down a residency at our local Buddha Bar. Richard loves deep house and has a lot of experience with it – he’s got a great way of weaving deep, soulful tunes in with bass-thumping, bumpin’ Chicago-style house music! It’s been too long, and we’re glad to have him back!

Richard Henry

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  1. 1 Marloca

    We love you, Sister Angel and Habroh! Thanks for introducing us to your cool Chicago friends. Come visit any time! Bring the rest of the family… Take care.

    marlo :)

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