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The SV 11/30/06 with Ernie K, Haboh

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Week of 11/30/06 mix by Ernie K, Haboh

 20061130 [179:46m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5985)

Naked Music NYC – “It’s Love” (Joshua’s Vocal Mix) Single (Om)
Rosie Brown – “Bliss” (Derrick Carter Remix) 12″EP (Dotbleep)
Distant Funk – “Wanna Party” Drunk Before Noon EP (Drop)
Tarantulaz – “They Forgot It” Single (Om)
Chab feat. JD – “Closer to Me” Sessions presents Cajmere vs Green Velvet (Ministry of Sound)

So Very mix by Ernie K
HabohMatthew Bandy & Matt Shrewd – “Slippin Away” The Fourth Year Freshman EP (Nightshift)
White Collar Criminals – “West Side Love” Heavy Lifting EP (Fetish)
Miles Maeda – “Gwen’s Gang” Three Easy Pieces EP (DAE)
White Collar Criminals – “Oh So Fly” Heavy Lifting EP (Fetish)
Miles Maeda – “Lovely Daye” Three Easy Pieces EP (DAE)
Joey Youngman – “One Thousand Words” The Captain Strikes Again EP (Fetish)
Jake Childs & Ibo – “Superbowl Sunday” Invisible Inc. EP (Uniform)
Joey Youngman – “Tongue Twister” The Captain Strikes Again EP (Fetish)
Jake Childs & Ibo – “Feel them Vibes” Invisible Inc. EP (Uniform)
Bon Johnson – “Word is Bon” Cadillac House EP (Detour)
Matthew Bandy & Matt Shrewd – “Make Me Feel” The Fourth Year Freshman EP (Nightshift)
Mario Fabriani – “Night Sweat” Timezones EP (Fetish)
Bon Johnson – “Only As High As Your Hat” Cadillac House EP (Detour)
Thomas Sahs and Paul Paredes – “Crunch Time” The Spring Sampler EP (Doubledown)

So Very mix by Haboh
HabohFree Energy – “More” Free Energy EP (Guidance)
Fresh Cool Juice – “Rise Dub” Feelin’ Strong EP (Guidance)
Jake Childs – “Orange Gravy” Orange Gravy Sampler (Tango)
Chris Nazuka – “4 A.M.” The Butterfly EP (Tweekin)
Lawnchair Generals – “Sweet Nothing” The Great Escape EP (Viva)
Lisa Shaw – “Born to Fly” (Joey’s Fetish Mix) Born to Fly EP (Naked)
Chris Simmonds presents Active X-Trax III – “Be Real” (Hyper Girl Mix) 12″EP (Cross Section)
Joshua & Karl Injex – “The Sun, The Moon, The Stars” (Johnny Fiasco Remix) 12″EP (Om)
PC Synergy – “Forever” 12″EP (Imperial Dub)
Unknown – “Flame” (Mood II Swing Mix) Frisko Disko Mark Farina United DJs of America (United DJs of America)
DJ Freestyle – “Kowalla Uco Lips remix” Forest Lake Grooves EP (Good Family)

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The SV 11/23/06 with DJ Yak & DJ King

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Week of 11/23/06 mix by Dj Yak and DJ King

 20061123 [186:37m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (6969)

Chuck Love – “Beautiful Thang” Single (Om)
Black Madras – Musique Sans Paroles” Suburban Soul (L5)
Foolish & Sly – “All is Fair” Single (Cynicism)
Chez Damier – “A 1/2 Step” Can You Feel It EP (KMS)
Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru – “Erotic Discourse” Sessions Presents Cajmere vs Green Velvet (MOS)
Rookiee – “I’ll Do You” (Vernon & DaCosta Dub) Single (Om)
Mojo Project – “In My Life” (Greenskeepers Remix) 12″EP (Love Monk)

So Very mix by Deejay Yak
Dj YasuDJ Roots – “Sorriso De Flor” 12″EP (Innerground Records)
Roy Davis, Jr. – “Always There” (Jay Cappo’s Drum & Bass Remix) 12″EP (Afterhours)
Professor Longhair’s – “Big Chief” (Unitedeyes Motherland to Mothership Remix) 12″EP (Afro Art)
Spirit Catcher – “Galactik Flies” Fission Trips EP (Winding Road)
Rick Preston and DTC feat. Ras D – “The Magnet” (Dubwise Mix) 12″EP (Worship)
The Girth – “Light it Up” Straight Thuggin’ EP (Blue Label)
Patrick Turner & Angel Red – “Strange” Strange EP (Odori)
Hydroponic Sound System feat. Chucky Sly & Grand Supreem – “Hydro Soundclash” (The JT Donaldson Remix) 12″EP (Icon)
Troydon – “Da Jazz Joint” Three Steps Forward EP (Aroma)
Spirit Catcher – “Polysquasher” Headliner EP (Silver Network)
The B-52′s – “Mesopotamia” (No Ears Acid Remix) Mesopotamia 2006 Remix EP (Planet Clique)
Tomboy – “Itchi Feet” 12″EP (Gomma)
Zero DB – “A Pomba Giron” 12″EP (White)
John Beltran – “Felicidad Nova” (Jimpster Remix) 12″EP (Ubiquity)
Arrow – “O’ La Soca” (Afro Soca Acid Dub) 12″EP (Mango)
Frederic Galliano & the African Divas – “Koukou Le” 12″EP (F Communications)
Aril Brikha – “Way Back Groove la’ Chord” (Shuffle Mix) Art of Vengeance EP (Fragile)
Sunny Day Service – “Magic” (Susumu Yokota Mix) 12″EP (Midi)
Sade – “By Your Side” (Remix) 12″EP (White)

So Very mix by DJ King
Dj KingTosca – “Heidi Bruehl” (Makossa & Megablast mix) Souvenirs (g-stone)
Nu Electric – “No Matter What” (TV Rock Remix) 12″EP (Free2air)
Audio Bullys – “I Go To Your House” Ego War (Source)
The Chemical Brothers – “Base 6″ Bugged Out presents Miss Kittin (Bugged Out!)
Tanzmann & Stefanik – “Them People (Daniel Stefanik Remix) Bad Ass Mixes (Moon Harbour Recordings)
Funky Junction – “Go Out of My Mind” (Slash Funk Mix) 12″EP (Empire State Records)
Jem Stone & I.C. – “Disco Daze” (Disco Mix) 12″EP (Finger Lickin)
Telesfor – “Twos” 12″EP (Pulver)

Norm Talley Dj Mix

Deejay Yak’s Pick of the Week
Spirit Catcher – “Polysquasher” 12″EP (Silver Network)

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Week of 11/16/06 mixes by DJ Fez, Scott Carrelli

 20061116 [180:51m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5783)

Karl Almaria – “Yellow Cab” CDR (Red Brunette)
toki, saya, ms.angelConcord Dawn – “You Don’t Have To Run”
The Baldwin Brothers – “Air is Invisible” The Return of the Golden Rhodes (TVT)

SoVery mix by DJ Fez
DJ Fez on airTroydon – “It’s Alright” Single (Om)
Ricardo Rae feat. Alyson Joyce – “Where The Love Goes” Single (Aroma)
Troydon – “Learn to Love” Single (Om)
Pear feat. Aida – “Strange Fruit” Single (Celebrity)
Southern Roots – “Lost the Plot” (Steve Balance Mix) Single (Bunchlox)
Groove Junkies – “Just Groovin” (Classic Roots Mix) Single (Om)
Andy Caldwell feat. Xavior & Omega – “Rumors” (Chuck Love Remix) Single (Celebrity)
Bryan Gerrard – “Your Love” Single (Celebrity)
Nymphonix – “Arms Around You” (Chuck’s Afro Acid Rework) Single (Celebrity)
Fish Go Deep – “The Cure & The Cause (Balearic Soul Beats) Single (Defected)
Chuck Love – “Spread The Love” (Miguel Migs Salted Bump Tech Remix) Single (Salted)
Kaskade – “Gonna Make It” Single (Om)

Inland Knights – “Imaginary Lover” 12″EP (Spatula City)

SoVery mix by Scott Carrelli
Scott Carrelli on SVJohn Tejado – “Square Up”
Nick Hogendoorn – “Dusk”
Eddie F – “Connected”
Jody – Way Out West – “Nostalgia”
Stephen Hinz – “Secret Door”
Eddie F – “Deeper Substance”
Unknown – Unknown
Mike Monday – “Bhalobahi”
Panty Hoes – “I Am A Cookie”
Unknown – Unknown