Week of 10/26/06 mix by DJ Buck

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The So SCARY Show!

The So SCARY Show!

Brazilian Girls – “Talk to the Bomb” Talk to La Bomb (The Verve Music Group)
Callisto – “Breezin” (Nether World EP) 12″EP (Guidance)
Sade – “Haunt Me” 12″EP (White Label)
DJ Buck & Doc Martin – “Love Moment” 12″EP (Leaf)
Jeff Gere – “Waianae Nightmarchers”
Jeff Gere – “Uncle’s Epilogue”
Freaks – “The Creeps” 12″EP (Music for Freaks)
Jeff Gere – “Sensative”
“The Model” (White Label)
The Persuader – “Central Bron” City of Islands EP (Svek)
Jersey Devil Social Club – “Child 13″ Homage at 121 BPM (Environ)
Black Devil Disco Club – “Timing, Forget the Timing” 12″EP (Rephlex)

Mix by DJ Buck
DJ Buck on the air!Vincent Price – “The Thriller Rap” (Michael Jackson White Label)
Sarr Band – “Mephisto” (Calendar Music)
Lalo Schifrin – “Jaws” (CTI)
Unknown – “Dude is Badass” Mandu 001 (Mandu)
Data Rock – “Fa Fa Fa” (Princess Superstar Remix)
Kano – “It’s a War!” (Serge Santiago edit) (White)
Armand Van Helden – “Monsters” (Armand’s mix)
M & M – “Like a Rocket” (G-Stone)
Tiny Trendies – “Sky Is Not Crying” (Remix) (Pink Music)
Kiki and Silversurfer – “Shakeoff” (Crosstown Rebels)
BJ Duck – “Big Black Wax” (Big Bear)
Wicked Lester – “Baba O’Reilly” (White)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Kraftwerk – “The Model” (White)
Buck’s Pick of the Week
“Sweet Child of Mine” (White)
Ms.Angel’s Pick of the Week
Justin Martin & Sammy D – “Swamp Thang” 12″EP (dirtybird)

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