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The SV 10/26/06 with DJ Buck

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Week of 10/26/06 mix by DJ Buck

 20061026 [186:40m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (6624)

The So SCARY Show!

The So SCARY Show!

Brazilian Girls – “Talk to the Bomb” Talk to La Bomb (The Verve Music Group)
Callisto – “Breezin” (Nether World EP) 12″EP (Guidance)
Sade – “Haunt Me” 12″EP (White Label)
DJ Buck & Doc Martin – “Love Moment” 12″EP (Leaf)
Jeff Gere – “Waianae Nightmarchers”
Jeff Gere – “Uncle’s Epilogue”
Freaks – “The Creeps” 12″EP (Music for Freaks)
Jeff Gere – “Sensative”
“The Model” (White Label)
The Persuader – “Central Bron” City of Islands EP (Svek)
Jersey Devil Social Club – “Child 13″ Homage at 121 BPM (Environ)
Black Devil Disco Club – “Timing, Forget the Timing” 12″EP (Rephlex)

Mix by DJ Buck
DJ Buck on the air!Vincent Price – “The Thriller Rap” (Michael Jackson White Label)
Sarr Band – “Mephisto” (Calendar Music)
Lalo Schifrin – “Jaws” (CTI)
Unknown – “Dude is Badass” Mandu 001 (Mandu)
Data Rock – “Fa Fa Fa” (Princess Superstar Remix)
Kano – “It’s a War!” (Serge Santiago edit) (White)
Armand Van Helden – “Monsters” (Armand’s mix)
M & M – “Like a Rocket” (G-Stone)
Tiny Trendies – “Sky Is Not Crying” (Remix) (Pink Music)
Kiki and Silversurfer – “Shakeoff” (Crosstown Rebels)
BJ Duck – “Big Black Wax” (Big Bear)
Wicked Lester – “Baba O’Reilly” (White)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Kraftwerk – “The Model” (White)
Buck’s Pick of the Week
“Sweet Child of Mine” (White)
Ms.Angel’s Pick of the Week
Justin Martin & Sammy D – “Swamp Thang” 12″EP (dirtybird)

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The So SCARY Show – Guest DJ Buck!

This week is The So SCARY show…

Halloween is fun on the radio. We get to play spooky music and decorate the air room with orange lights and tell ghost stories. We also pull out our “spookiest” Halloween-ish house music – expect some dark, devilish fun! I can hardly wait!

In Hawaii we call them “Obake” (Japanese word for ghost) tales or “Chicken Skin” stories. This year we’ll be playing at least one ghost story from Hawaii storytelling legend, Jeff Gere. Jeff Gere puts together the Talk Story Festival every year at the McCoy Pavilion and brings together storytellers from around the world. Last week Bubbles and I saw him tell spooky stories at the Japanese Cultural Center in Makiki. He can tell one heck of a spooky story!

Jeff Gere

But what would The So Very Show be without the SoVery mix?

This week we are very privileged to have San Francisco house dj Buck behind the decks. DJ Buck has been a part of Leaf Recordings and done a ton of 12″ and remixes. Buck describes his music as psychadelic – we describe it as good fun! Buck is in town to play for ULTIMATE, the new monthly at Next Door which kicked off with JoJo Flores last month. For more info on Next Door, visit

DJ Buck!

The SV 10/19/06 with DJ Toki and Ms.Angel

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Week of 10/19/06 mix by Ms.Angel and Toki

 20061019 [177:58m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5847)

The Sound Republic – “The Real Cream” 12″EP (Spatula City)
Midnight Star – “Midas Touch” (Joshua’s Goldmember Remix) 12″EP (Ideal Recordings)
Jamanta Crew – “Lil Funk” Different Sounds EP (Good Family)
!!! – “Unknown”
Chuck Love – “Set Me Free” 12″EP (Vista)
Tania Maria – “Come With Me” (Masters at Work Remix) Explorations: Classic Picante Regrooved (Concord Music)
Landshark – “Dangerous” Landshark (Coco Machete)

Mix by Toki and Ms.Angel
msangel and tokiSom Shankar – “Whill” (Unreleased)
Lali Puna – “Everywhere & Allover” Tridecoder (Hausmusik)
Gorillaz – “Dirty Harry” Demon Days (Capitol)
Chromeo – “Needy Girl” 12″EP (Vice)
Freaks – “The Creeps (You’re Giving Me)” 12″EP (MFF)
Chicken Lips – “White Dwarf” (20:20 Soundsystem remix) 12″EP (Adrift)
Radio 4 – “Dance to the Underground” The DFA Remixes: Chapter One (DFA)
Goldfrapp – “A White Horse” (Disco Whores Dub) 12″EP (Mute)
Dance Reaction – “Disco Train” Unclassics #1 (Environ)
Silver City – “Blah Blah Blah” 12″EP (2020 Vision)
Inland Knights presents Back Stage – “Rock and Roll” 12″EP (Drop)
Franz Ferdinand – “Michael” (Thomas Eriksen mix) 12″EP (Domino)
New Order – “Jetstream” Waiting for the Siren’s Call (London)
Unkle – “Reign” (Morgan Geist Delayed Gratification Mix) 12″EP (MoWax)
Herbert – “Moving Like A Train” (Lidell’s Radio Raw Hymn Remix) 12″EP (!K7)
Lisa Shaw – “Cherry” (Eric’s 5rw Remix) 12″EP (Naked)
Fannypack – “So Stylistic” (Original Extended Mix) 12″EP (Tommy Boy)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Overview – “Owt” Mobile Music 2 EP (DIY)
Toki’s Pick of the Week
Manesh the Twista and Jethro – Echotwist – “Frankie’s Next Move” Dhamaal SF Transitions EP (Surya Vault Records)
Ms.Angel’s Pick of the Week
Chromeo – “Destination Overdrive” (DFA Remix) The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two (DFA)
Nick Holder – “Singing the Blues” 12″EP (DNH)

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