A Major Award

major award
It’s always suprising to me when people tell me they listen to the show. It’s not that I don’t think they should listen – on the contrary, I regularly chastise my close friends for doing other things on Thursday nights besides listen to the show like, say, going to work or spending quality time with a family member. But when someone says “I love your show” to my face – it reminds me that they heard every little comment I made about Mel Gibson being crazy and how much I looove the DFA – and it suprises the hell out of me.

On Saturday, July 26th KTUH held an awards banquet to celebrate, mingle, and collectively back-pat. Those are always nice. Anywho, I got to present an award (to Ling), see a bunch of cool djs, and make lots of off-color jokes. The final award came along and Busy Bee began reading what seemed like an encyclopedia of a presentation speech. Sheesh! How long is this thing? I made all kinds of goofy gestures (Think the “Wrap it up!” box) but he finally got down to it. “The Best KTUH Show for 2006 as voted by KTUH DJs is… The So Very Show!”

Holy cow! Thank you so much! I’m so dumbfounded of course I didn’t thank anyone, but thanks, now, seriously. I’m suprised! KTUH DJs rock. And it really means a lot to me and Haboh too to know that our peers not only listen to the show, but actually like it! That’s awesome. KTUH is so cool!

Our Major Award (I’ll post a better picture soon):

Major Award

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