Week of 7/20/06 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

Iz and Diz – “Magnificent” 12″EP (Om)
Hebegebe and Vernell Delong – “I Go Now” Lost and Found (LCG Music)
Jerk House Connection – “New York Style” Buzzin Fly Vol. 2 (Buzzin Fly)
Greenskeepers – “Unreleased”
Vibezelect – “Unreleased”
Subjekt – “Be My Chicago” (Atjazz Remix) Freerange Records Colour Series: Blue 02 (Freerange)
Vibezelect – “Unreleased”
Roy Davis Jr. – “How Will They Know” Water for Thirsty Children (nice + smooth)
Ruffneck – “The Power of Music” City to City: DJ Deep (Distance)
Erro – “Rock Wit U” (Yoruba Dub Mix) DJ Deep Deep Sessions 01 (Distance)

So Very Mix! Residents!
ms.a and habohMartin Venetjoki feat. Derek Conyer – “Really Don’t Stop” (Lawnchair Generals Remix)
Tracy Cooper – “Mouth Remix” 12″EP (Igloo Music)
Jamanta Crew presents Rod Sponja – “I Wanna Dance” Three’s A Crowd EP (Tango)
Miles Maeda – “Wanna Give It” Tell Me Why EP (Lowdown)
Troydon – “Waxed” (Mark’s Beats) 12″EP (Gallery)
Bryan Jones – “Everyday” Hey I’m Stylin EP (Amenti)
Joey Youngman – “Rattlesnake” Supercuts EP (Fetish)
Reggie Watts – “So Beautiful” (Da Sunlounge Remix) 12″EP (Amenti)
Chris Grant – “The Jimmy Jam” (Joey’s Heat Index remix) 12″EP (Jackin Tracks)
Jason Hodges – “Shake It” Damn These Beats Stink EP (Aroma)
Swirl Peepz – “Excuse Me” 12″EP (Tango)
Troydon – “What’s In Your Soul” What’s In Your Soul EP (Nightshift)
Chuck Daniels – “Rebalance” Like Minds EP (Detour)
Chuck Love – “Funky Ass Beat” (JY’s Heat Index Remix) 12″EP (Fetish)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Chuck Love – “Get High” Get Me High EP (Vista Music)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of the Week
Yoshimoto – “Du What U Du” Electrolush (Om)
Kevin’s Pick of the Week
Alex Attias – “Transformation” Mustang Back Home (Compost)
Mr. V – “Da Bump” 12″EP (MAW Records)
Chuck Love – “Yellow Truth” 12″EP (131 Records)

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