Week of 7/13/06 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

Iz & Diz – “Magnificent” 12″EP (Om)
Vibezelect – “Untitled” (Unreleased)
Claude Von Stroke – “The 7 Deadly Strokes” Beware of the Bird (Dirty Bird)
Jason Hodges – “Shake It” Damn These Beats Stink EP (Aroma)
Lisa Shaw – “Cherry” (Miguel Migs Salted Vocal Remix) 12″EP (Naked)
C & M feat Parliament of House – “Inside” (Deep Inside Remix) House of Om Kaskade (Om)
Hi-Fi Mike – “Stereo Flavas” Miguel Migs 24th Street Sounds (nrk)
Audio Whores & Groove Assasin – “Sona Unica” Miguel Migs 24th Street Sounds (nrk)
Roomsa – “Sunrise” (Original Vocal Mix) Miguel Migs 24th Street Sounds (nrk)
Trevor Loveys – “The Bounce” (Trevor’s Willesden Dub) Miguel Migs 24th Street Sounds (nrk)

SoVery Mix by Ms.Angel and Haboh
haboh and ms.Iz & Diz – “Magnificent” (Justin Martin’s No Heart and Soul Mix) 12″EP (Om)
Natural Rhythm – “Trap Groove” Dancefloor Jazz Remixes (Lowdown)
Bryan Jones – “Baby Fever” (Joey Youngman Remix) 12″EP (Jackin Tracks)
Troydon – “What’s in Your Soul” What’s In Your Soul EP (Nightshift)
The Sound Republic – “Frankie’s Night Out” Sings The Blues EP (Guesthouse Music)
Missing Persons – “No Pants Dance” Hey, I’m So Styling! Sampler (Amenti)
The Electric Press – “Re:evaluate” 12″EP (2020 Vision)
Problem Kids feat Shine Eye Gal – “Take a Small Break (Something Happens)” 12″EP (Paper Recordings)
Sharpshooters – “Party Time” (Peter C’s LCG Mix) 12″EP (LCG Music)
Joey Youngman – “Submission” Joey’s Waffle House EP (Fetish)
Terri Walker – “Ching Ching” (Jay Hannan Lazy Dog Mix) 12″EP (Def Soul)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Korin Ladke – “Rocking on Your Radio” 12″EP (Igloo Music)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of the Week
Slater Hogan and Chuck Daniels – “Boompty Beatdown” 12″EP (Mobile Trax)
Kevin’s Pick of the Week
Vibezelect – “Untitled” (Unreleased)
Toe Jam feat Rachel Modest – “Waiting” 12″EP (Robsoul)
DJ Heather – “Picture of You” (Miles Maeda Remix) (Unreleased)
Cibo Matto – “Moonchild” (D’s Funky Space Reincarnation) 12″EP (F111)

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