Week of 6/22/06 mix by DJ Harvey and Phil Mison

week of 6/22/06

Herbert – “Those Feelings” Scale (!K7)
Andy Caldwell – “Warrior” Universal Truth (Om)
Tiefschwarz – “Warning Siren” Eat Books (Classic)
Chicken Lips – “Bad Skin” DJ-Kicks: The Exclusives (!K7)
Isolee – “Initiate” Western Store (Playhouse)
Andy Caldwell – “Don’t You Love Me” Universal Truth (Om)

SoVery Mix by DJ Harvey and Phil Mison:

DJ Harvey and Phil Mison Travis Williams – “Soulmate” (TravisW’s Runaway Remix) 12″EP (Purenergy Records)
The Lift Boys – “unknown” 12″EP (unknown)
Crue-L Grand Orchestra – ” Spend The Day Without You” 12″EP (Crue-L Classics)
Art Of Silence – “The Giant” 12″EP (Permanent Records)
Disco Power Play – “The Crazy Frog” 12″EP (Soft Rocks Recordings)
Don Carlos – ” Mediterraneo” 12″EP (Calypso Records)
Chas Jankel – “Glad To Know You” 12″EP (AM Records)

Kevin’s Pick
Tosca – “Heidi Bruehl” (Makossa & Megablast Mix) Souvenirs
Harvey and Phil’s Pick
Force of Nature – “Straight Ahead”
Ms.Angel’s Pick
Kelley Polar – “My Beauty in the Moon” Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens (Environ)
Herbert – “Moving Like A Train” Scale (!K7)
Franck Roger – “For Alex” We Walk to Dance (Seasons)
The Bucketheads – “Got Myself Together” (Nord Mix) 12″EP (Big Beat)
Frank Q – “Los Indios de Chicago” Justin Long presents .dotbleep Collection Part 1 (dotbleep)
Matthew Bandy & Matt Shrewd – “Nic’s Groove” The 4th Year Freshman EP (Nightshift)
Chicken Lips – “White Dwarf” Electrolush (Om)

Listen to the show:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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  1. 1 jason

    just listening to the phil mison harvey mix from earlier this year those 2 rock!! and well done to you,s guys for inviting them on the show.. big respect

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