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Week of 6/29/06 mix by Richard Henry

Lisa Shaw – “Cherry” Cherry (Naked)
Stephanie Cooke – “Holding on to Your Love” (Big Moses Love We Share Mix) Everything (King Street)
Dandruff Truckers – “Way Back” 12″EP (Bar B Q)
Miles Maeda – “Tell Me Why” Tell Me Why EP (Lowdown)
Phantastic 4/4 – “Untitled” 12″EP (White)
Jill Scott – “Gimme” Experience: 826 + (Hidden Beach)
Herbert – “Down” Scale (!K7)
Andy Caldwell – “Don’t You Love Me” Universal Truth (Om)
Tiefschwarz – “Warning Siren” Eat Books (Classic)
Chuck Love – “Lovin at Night” (Jimpster Remix) Electrolush (Om)

So Very mix by Richard Henry
Richard HenryTea Dancers – “Cosmic Dance” (Percapella) Single (Freerange)
Kid Massive – “Afrikarina” (Nathan G Elektra Soul Mix) Single (Look at You)
Patrick Turner & Chris J – “Soul Modulation” Single (Grayhound)
Hanna – “Time” (Dozza’s Lawnchair Generals mix) Single (Viva)
Uneaq – “Only You” Single (Om)
Eddie Richards – “Yr What” Single (Storm)
Solid Gold Playas – “Shh Quiet” Single (Silver Network)
Jay-J & Julius Papp – “Remember…Chicago” Single (Moulton Backtrax)
Tea Dancers – “Cosmic Dance” Single (Freerange)
Change Brothers – “Seasons” Single (Vibe Mixx)
Charles Spencer – “The Other Real” Single (Love Slap)
Hipp-E – “Bavas Darkness” Single (NRK)
Peace Division – “Blacklight Sleaze” (Radio Slave Vocla Mix) Single (NRK)
Hydroponic Soundsystem – “FreakUSumminNasty” Single (unknown)

Richard’s Pick of the Week
Goema Captains of Cape Town – “Healing Destination” (Ernst Shoemaker) Single (Downsouth)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of the Week
Swirl Peepz – “Excuse Me” (Ion Remix) 12″EP (Tango)
Kevin’s Pick of the Week
Atjazz – “Wrong Type Of Day” Lab Results (Mantis)
Herbert – “Those Feelings” Scale (!K7)

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Week of 6/22/06 mix by DJ Harvey and Phil Mison

week of 6/22/06

Herbert – “Those Feelings” Scale (!K7)
Andy Caldwell – “Warrior” Universal Truth (Om)
Tiefschwarz – “Warning Siren” Eat Books (Classic)
Chicken Lips – “Bad Skin” DJ-Kicks: The Exclusives (!K7)
Isolee – “Initiate” Western Store (Playhouse)
Andy Caldwell – “Don’t You Love Me” Universal Truth (Om)

SoVery Mix by DJ Harvey and Phil Mison:

DJ Harvey and Phil Mison Travis Williams – “Soulmate” (TravisW’s Runaway Remix) 12″EP (Purenergy Records)
The Lift Boys – “unknown” 12″EP (unknown)
Crue-L Grand Orchestra – ” Spend The Day Without You” 12″EP (Crue-L Classics)
Art Of Silence – “The Giant” 12″EP (Permanent Records)
Disco Power Play – “The Crazy Frog” 12″EP (Soft Rocks Recordings)
Don Carlos – ” Mediterraneo” 12″EP (Calypso Records)
Chas Jankel – “Glad To Know You” 12″EP (AM Records)

Kevin’s Pick
Tosca – “Heidi Bruehl” (Makossa & Megablast Mix) Souvenirs
Harvey and Phil’s Pick
Force of Nature – “Straight Ahead”
Ms.Angel’s Pick
Kelley Polar – “My Beauty in the Moon” Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens (Environ)
Herbert – “Moving Like A Train” Scale (!K7)
Franck Roger – “For Alex” We Walk to Dance (Seasons)
The Bucketheads – “Got Myself Together” (Nord Mix) 12″EP (Big Beat)
Frank Q – “Los Indios de Chicago” Justin Long presents .dotbleep Collection Part 1 (dotbleep)
Matthew Bandy & Matt Shrewd – “Nic’s Groove” The 4th Year Freshman EP (Nightshift)
Chicken Lips – “White Dwarf” Electrolush (Om)

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Week of 6/15/06 mix by Juzu aka Moochy, Jayvi

week of 6/15/06

Herbert-”Something Isn’t Right” Scale (!K7)
Lawnchair Generals “I Go Now” Lost and Found (LCG Music)
Vibezelect “Unreleased”
Andy Caldwell “Pusin” Universal Truth (Om)
Bryan Jones “Everyday” Amenti Sampler (Amenti)
Sound Republic “Huffy Hotbox” Sings the Blues (Guesthouse)
Lisa Shaw “Born to Fly” Cherry (Naked Music)

Juzu a.k.a. Moochy’s SoVery Mix:

Juzu aka Moochy Heart – “Yelli” Single (Unknown)
Beastie Boys – “Drinkin’ Wine” Jimmy James EP (Capitol)
Squarepusher – “Conumber” Conumber EP (Spymania)
City Connection – “Move” 12″EP (Gorilla Recordings)
Photek – “The Fifth Column” 12″EP (Photek)
Hardfloor – “Ain’t Nothing But Format Thang” 12″EP (Motor Music)
Liquid Liquid – “Caver” (Cut Chemist Remix) 12″EP (Mo Wax)
Joe Claussell & Kerri Chandler – “Escravos de Jo” 12″EP (Ibadan)
Dom um Romao – “Groovystation” (Ian O’Brien Remix) 12″EP (Irma)
Seven Deadly Sins – “Lust” 12″EP (AVI)
Moodyman – “Misled” 12″EP (Planet E)
Ron Trent feat. Sonti – “I Fight For What I Believe” 12″EP(Project IS)
Moodyman – “Forevernevermore” 12″EP (Unknown)
David Behrman – “Leapday Night” Single (unknown)
Joe Claussell – “Les Go Dan Gna” (Sacred Rhythms Drum) 12″EP (Spiritual Life Music)
Roy Ayers – “Tarzan” (Ame Remix) 12″EP (BBE)
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – “The Heavenly Music Corporation” Single (unknown)
The Buddy System – “Would Like Some Rain Now” (Short Version) 12″EP (O-Parts Recordings)
Paperclip People – “4 My Peeps” 12″EP (Planet E)
Indigenous Space People – “Across the Universe” 12″EP (Future Vision)
Submeditation – “City Vibes” 12″EP (Choke Music)
Audio Werner – “Just Wanna Get Down” 12″EP (Trapez)
Katsuya Sano & Shin Hashimoto – “Latinize” The Nature Soul EP (Ibadan)
Aunty Edith Kanakaole – “Ke Welina” (Traditional) Ha`aku`i Pele i Hawai`i (Hula Records)
Himene Tarava – “Unknown” Single (Unknown)
Juzu a.k.a. Moochy – “Morning Grow” 12″EP (Cross Point)

Mix by Jayvi Velasco

Jayvi Scott J. – “It’s Better” (Lost Blaze Mix) 12″EP (CD-R Music)
Leela-”My Joy” (Shelter Vocal) 12″EP (Restricted Access)
Luisito Quintero feat. Francis Mbappe-”Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo”(Louis Vega EOL Mix) 12″EP (Vega)
Alison David-”Dreams Come True”(Afronaught Mix)12″EP(Goya Music)
Jazzanova-”Boom Clicky Boom Klack”(Main Mix)12″EP(Sonar Kollektiv)
Mr V feat Miss Patty-”Da Bump”(Jayvi Re-edit)CD-R Promo
Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz feat. Mark Evans-”The Way You Love Me”(Dim’s T.S.O.P. Version)12″EP(Defected)
Peven Everett-”Can’t Do Without”Miami 2006 Sampler (Soul Heaven Records)
Joi Cardwell-”What It Feels Like”(Quentin Harris Club Mix)12″EP (King Street Sounds)

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The SV 6/15/06 with Moochy, Jayvi

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Week of 6/8/06 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

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Haboh and Ms.Angel’s SoVery mix:
haboh and ms.angel

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