Week of 12/15/05 mix by Adrian

week of 12/15/05

Beef Wellington Dedication Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix Future Past Tense Eighth Dimension
Recloose DustMain Mix Get Salted Volume 1 mixed by Miguel Migs Om
Sean Dimitrie feat. Tim Fuller So Hot Swag Remix Get Salted Volume 1 mixed by Miguel Migs Om

Adrian’s SoVery Mix:

Adrian 1
Adrian 2
Adrian 3

Billy Ocean Feel Like Getting Down 12″EP SDDC
Tim “Love” Lee Super Rappin’ No.5 12″EP Peace Feast
Junior Do You Really (Want My Love?) Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack MCA
Sexy Toys Unknown 12″EP white
Joey Youngman Psychic Friends Psychic Friends EP Nightshift
Inland Knights Mud Substance 12″EP Drop Records
Dolly la Parton I Got The Power 12″EP Bemysheep
Memory Lane It’s In Your Memory 12″EP Memory Lane
Dan Berkson Planet Earth 12″EP Exun
Explicit Theory Touch Your Body Sonar Sessions Movim
Trevor Lovey The Bounce Trevor’s Willesden Dub 24th Street Sounds NRK
Rich Thair I Slip Away Sons Of Slough Remix Licktown EP Simple Records
Carlos da Silva & Dj MB Mitche’s Surfshop 12″EP Dirty Blue Records
Dan Berkson Go Naked 12″EP Exun
Asad Rizvi Collateral Aid 12″EP Soco Audio
Xpansoul & Daweed feat. Aqeel72 Can’t Believe ADNY Vocal Mix 12″EP Sindicato

Haboh’s Pick
Da Sunlounge 1 Club / 1 Disco Jam Sandwich EP Myna
Captain Comatose One Night Stand Single Unknown
Tom Vek I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes We Have Sound Tummy Touch
Jordan Fields Nu York Afterdark Presents 2084 Nice + Smooth
Chris Nazuka 4am The Butterfly EP Tweekin
Wag ya Tail Expand ya Mind 12″EP Sanctuary
Loose Joints Is it all over my face 12″EP West End

Listen to the show:

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