Week of 11/10/05 mix by Ira

week of 11/10/05

Beef Wellington Dedication Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix Future Past Tense Astralwerks
Roy Davis Jr. Moving Up Water for Thirsty Children Nice + Smooth
Norma Jean Bell Feel What I Feel Come Into My Room Peacefrog
Town and Country Love Could Be House Of Om Fred Everything Om
Wally Callerio Citrus District Southern California Playas EP Dufflebag
Joshua On Our Way Way To Play EP Nightshift
Jake Childs Bring It Jay’s Shifted Music Remix Bring It EP Offset Music
Jay-J and Halo Vaga w/ Latrice Barnett Make My Heart Miguel Migs Salted Remix House of Om Groove Junkies Om
Stephane “Teknostep” Vera Tropical North 416 Shuffletraxx Vol. 2 NLC
Tetris Two Hours San Francisco Under a Groove New House Records

DJ Ira’s SoVery Mix:

Ira Space Odyssey Mo Jazz Pt 1 12″EP Malek
Raw Vibe Track 1 Sublevel Sampler 1 Sublevel
L.A.D.M. Blu Love 12″EP Sublevel
Homecookin’ Vince’s big Con Lap One EP Monzasounds
Jay Tripwire Motor Disco Plain Is Not The Flavour Connected Music
Formidable Force feat. Heather Affection Affection EP Tango
No Assembly Firm School Of Hard Knocks Shot Callin EP Robsoul Recordings
Harlem Zip Cope I Feel Music Vibrations EP Paper Recordings
Johnny Fiasco feat. Jackie All Right Downunder Remix 12″EP Tonic Recordings
Patrick Turner Only The High 12″EP Agave Records

Haboh’s Pick
Vibezelect 12″EP Dufflebag
Ira’s Pick
Ron & Chez D Unknown 12″EP KMS
ms. angel’s pick
Afromento Kumba 12″EP Blockheadz

Listen to the show:

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