Monthly Archive for July, 2005

Week of 7/28/05 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

week of 7/28/05

Beef Wellington Dedication Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix Future Past Tense Eighth Dimension
Matthew Bandy + Jake Childs feat. Derek Mayo Feel It 12″EP Seasons
Ananda Project Wasting My Love Relight Nite Grooves
Bret Stidham + Jundax Hot One
Bret Stidham More Than A Whisper
Soularis Don’t Change Miguel Migs 24th St. Sounds (nite:life 020) NRK
Bret Stidham Slo Mo Beatdown
The Wisemen X Jason Hodges What You Want Mix 12″EP Micasa

Haboh & Ms.Angel’s SoVery Mix:

To-Ka Project Revolution Mark Farina Live At Om Om
Natural Rhythm Groove Thing Robot Training Camp EP .Dotbleep
Slater Hogan & John Larner Katie Bug The Four Corners EP Icon
Waric Cameron Music Is It’s Bananza Vol. 1 Bananza
Trevor Loveys Back To Front EP Front Room Recordings
Oriental Funk Stew Get Down 12″EP Odds and Ends
Littlemen Decked Out Fill Ya Boots EP Drop
Jake Childs Orange Gravy Thomas White & Natural Rhythm’s Remix Orange Gravy Sampler EP Tango
Toe Jam Feat. Rachel Modest Waiting Chris Carrier Dub 12″EP Robsoul Recordings
Random Factor Know Youíre There Silver City Remix 12″EP 2020 Vision
Olivier Desmet & Chuck Diesel One Dub 12″EP Developed Music
Aaron Arce feat. Lillia LA Transit Blakdoktor Voice Mix 12″EP Sublevel

Haboh’s Pick
DJ Freestyle Invalid Page Fault Submerged In Sound EP Safe in Sound
ms. angel’s pick
Funkymofos Muthafunka 12″EP Uniting Souls Music
Kevin’s Pick
Public Access feat. Spetro Come on The Red Scare EP Grab Recordings
Jake Childs Goin Down The Life of a Hustler Drop Music

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Week of 7/21/05 mix by Toki and Monkey

week of 7/21/05

Beef Wellington Dedication Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix Future Past Tense Eighth Dimension
Dubtribe Sound System Corster Makes the SceneDubtribe Makes the DUB The Vanilla Fudge EP Imperial Dub
DJ Hal feat. Jay Thomas It Takes 2 Joey Joungman Remix 12″EP Blockhead Recordings
Roomsa Sunrise Original Vocal Mix Miguel Migs 24th St. Sounds (nite:life 020) nrk
Market House vs Natural Rhythm Treat You Sweet 12″EP Detour
Random Factor Know Youíre There 12″EP 2020 Vision

Toki & Monkey’s SoVery Mix:

Toki and Monkey D.B.X. Doin’ Our Thing Dub Techniques (Part 1) Mint Condition
N-Gen You Got Me 12″EP Particle Recordings
DJ Zinc Runnin’ 12″EP White
Xyclone & Blue Sonix feat. Nubreed Rebop 12″EP Chrome Yellow Communications
Chris Carter & JHZ feat. SKB Big Chat Big Chat Bedrock Breaks
Polar Safari Out of The Blue Certificate 18
Transparent Sound vs. ADJ Sirius Travel Card Outside Recordings
Swiss T. Startrak 12″EP Cartridge
M.I.A. Buck Done Bug 12″EP XL
Kraftwerk Tour De France 2e Etape EMI
Westbam Beatbox Rocker 12″EP Mute
Late Night Sneaky Fever Adam Freeland Extended Mix Verve Remixed 3 Verve
The Hives vs Hyper I Told You So 12″EP White
Quartermass vs. Gonzales Add N to X 12″EP Quartermass
Impulse Blue Orange With A Lot Of Music And All Songs !K7

Haboh’s Pick
Inland Knights Overnight Sleep Train EP Drop
ms. angel’s pick
Raw Vibe Track 1 12″EP Sublevel
Vibezelect Everytime Jungle Love EP Dufflebag
Kevin’s Pick
Louie Vega Sunshine Extensions Vega
Metro Area Things Fall Metro Area 6 Environ

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Week of 7/14/05 mix by DJ Fez

week of 7/14/05

St.Germain What’s New? Boulevard F Communications
Dimitri From Paris Paris-Brooklyn with Los Amigos Invisibles Cruising Attitude Discography
Africanism Antigua Africanism III Tommy Boy
Daft Punk Television Rules The Nation Human After All Virgin
Miss Kittin Kiss Factory I Com Astralwerks
Stetsasonic Talkin’ All That Jazz A Night At The Playboy Mansion Astralwerks
Lawnchair Generals The Truth Dj Sneak Mix 12″EP Lowdown
Metro Area Honey Circuit Metro Area 6 Environ

DJ Fez’s SoVery Mix:

DJ Fez The Sound Republic Fart Mouth Mikey The Scrambles McSuperStuff EP Guesthouse
Slum Science Rocksteady The Transatlantic Underground HuddTraxx
Joey Youngman Snuffleupagus Captain Boom Boom EP Fetish
No Assembly Firm Rock The Disco The Transatlantic Underground HuddTraxx
Joey Youngman Ghetto Blaster Captain Boom Boom EP Fetish
Sound Navigators System Sprain Mario Fabriani Remix 12″EP Jackin Tracks
Mario Fabriani Fender Bender 12″EP Jackin Tracks
Mastiksoul Kalimia 12″EP Wiggle
Plus Two Shades Of Dank 12″EP Peaches
Bryan Jones Groove Foundation 12″EP Jackin Tracks
Joey Youngman Turn Ons Gulf Coast Flow EP Fetish

Haboh’s Pick
Mum The Land Between Solar Systems Finally We are no one Unknown
ms. angel’s pick
Isolee My Hi-matic We Are Monster Playhouse
Fez’s Pick
Rithma Funk Is Alive Original Mix 12″EP Om
Troydon Keep Bustin Everyday People Grab Recordings
Jake Childs Goin’ Down Dirty Hoe Dub Life of a Hustler EP Drop

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Week of 7/7/06 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

week of 7/7/05

Dubtribe Sound System El Regalo De Amor Bryant Street Imperial Dub
Ananda Project Justice, MercyAquanote Peace Mix Edit Relight Nite Grooves
Jamie Lidell When I Come Back Around Multiply Warp
Office Gossip Street Talk Street Talk EP Winding Road
Primo Drop the Funk Funk Distraction Mix Miguel Migs 24th St. Sounds (nite:life 020) nrk
Deep House Souldiers Vibes 12″EP Mimosa
Codebreakers vs. Bobcat Suntan Original Mix 12″EP Agave
The Philadelphia Experiment Miles Hit King Brit Scuba Remix The Philadelphia Experiment Remixed Ropeadope
Purple Flash We Can Make It Unclassics Environ
Derrick Carter The Hollow Clash of Marionettes Squaredancing in a Roundhouse Classic

Haboh and Ms.Angel’s SoVery Mix:

Fred Everything & Jay Tripwire DustyMoves 12″EP Nightshift
Cozy Creatures Shoe U the Way 12″EP Guesthouse
Audio Soul Project Private Utility Tectonic Blur EP nrk
Miles Maeda Give Me Love Give Me Love EP Odds and Ends
Phil Weeks The newberry Chronicles Island Life Ep Icon
East Coast Boogiemen&DJ Heather Picture of You Picture of You Part 1 Black Cherry
B McCarthy Whatcha Want Dub 12″EP Memento
Diesel & Desmet vs ECB Thinking About You Young Governors Remix 12″EP Nightshift
Martin Ventenjorki Feat. Derek Conjer Really Donít Stop Pat Nice Rework 12″EP Dust Traxx
DJ Freeestyle Mics Queensboro Bridge Mix NY Nights Safe in Sound
Lawnchair Generals The Truth Sneaks Filthy Dub 12″EP Lowdown

Haboh’s Pick
Toe Jam Feat. Rachel Modest Waiting 12″EP Robsoul Recordings
ms. angel’s pick
Isolee Enrico We Are Monster Playhouse
Bebel Gilberto River Song Grant Nelson Remix Bebel Gilberto Remixed Six Degrees
Isolee My Hi-matic We Are Monster Playhouse
DJ Hal feat. Jay Thomas It Takes 2 12″EP Blockhead Recordings