Week of 6/2/05 mix by DJ Harvey, Mr. Buddha

week of 6/2/05

Dubtribe Sound System – “Raggatronique” Baggage (Imperial Dub)
Curtis Mayfield – “Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here” (Ashley Beedle Re-Edit) Mayfield Remixed: The Curtis Mayfield Collection (Warner)
Ananda Project – “Shouldn’t Have Left Me” Relight (Nite Grooves)
The Underwolves – “Shaken” (Fauna Flash Timbales Remix) Fauna Flash Worx: The Remixes (Compost)
Schmoov – “Playground’ (Crazy Penis remix) Playground EP (DiY)
Tortured Soul – “How’s Your Life?” (Alistair Colling Remix) How’s Your Life? Part Two (Central Park)
Crazy Penis – “Get It On” 12″ EP (Paper)
DJ Garth & ETI – “Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory” (Mirror Boys Remix” Wicked Remixes Pt 2 (Grayhound)

DJ Harvey’s SoVery Mix:

DJ Harvey and Haboh Kym – “Give Me the Dance” (Club Mix) 12″EP (Award Records)
Data – “Blow” (The Blow Out Version) 12″EP (Sire)
Emperor Machine – “Roller Daddy” 12″EP (DC Recordings)
Steve Hillage – “Unidentified (Flying Being)” Green (Virgin)
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – “Rise” (DFA Remix) 12″EP (DFA)
Metro Area – “Unknown” Metro Area 6 (Environ)
Dirty Minds – “I’m For Pleasure” (Lo Fi House Quake) 12″EP (Eskimo Recordings)
Ruts – “DC Militant” 12″EP (Spartan Records)

Mr. Buddha’s SoVery Mix:

Mr. BuddhaRichard Les Crees feat. Mai – “In The Dark” (Kurayami) 12″ EP (I Records)
Charles Spencer – “Even Now” 12″ EP (Loveslap)
Fertile Ground – “Live In The Light” (Copyright Re-Edit) 12″ EP (Counter Point)
Franck Roger pres. Ekobah – “Ekobah Dub Reprise” 12″ EP (Needs)
DJ Pope & Stacey Mallory – “Passion” (Main Club Mix) 12″ EP (Bumpin’ City)
Mateo & Matos – “Old Skool” Underground Lingo EP (Chez)
Kiko Navarro feat. Isis – “Apache” Montero Shining 12 “EP (Nite Grooves)

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