Week of 1/13/05 mix by Bryan Desh

week of 1/13/05

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
To-Ka Project-”Revolutions”Derrick Carter and Mark Farina Live at Om(Om)
Roy Davis, Jr.-”Take A Ride”Water For Thirsty Children(Nice + Smooth)
Stephanie Cooke-”Rain”(DF’s Rainforest Mix)Everything(King Street Sound)
David Morales w/ Angela Hunte-”Feels Good”2 Worlds Collide(DMI)

Bryan Desh’s So Very Mix:

Harry Romero feat. Robert Owens-”I Go Back”12″EP(Subliminal)
Halo, Penn and Chus-”Made In Spain”Music For Playgrounds(BlueM Recordings)
River Ocean feat. India-”Love And Happiness”(Congo Drums Mix)12″EP(Strictly Rhythm)
Next Evidence-”Blowin’ Drums”12″EP(Basic)
Kerri “Kaoz” Chandler-”Get Up”The Deep Thoughts EP(83 West Records)
Chris Simmonds-”Jazz 2 B U”12″EP(Court Square Records)
Jask-”The Love Song”Moments in Jazz(Step Ahead Stereo)
Will Bates-”All u Gotta Do Is Love Me”(Johnny Fiasco Mojazz Mix)12″EP(MN2S)
Johhny Fiasco-”Rhumba Del Soul”Spice Of Life(Room Records)
River Ocean feat. India-”Love And Happiness”(Tito And India Mix)12″EP(Strictly Rhythm)
Gabriele D’Andrea & Andy Funk-”First Class”(Music Lovers First Class Mix)12″EP(Bee’s Nees)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: DJ Q-”Music For Freaks”12″EP(MFF)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Dave Clark-”Way Of Life”(Sneak Dub)Derrick Carter and Mark Farina Live At Om(Om)
Freaks-”Telefunken”The Man Who Lived Underground(MFF)
Smadj-”Asma”(Jimpster Remix)Jimpster Selected Remixes 2000 / 2003(Freerange)
Larry Heard-”Direct Drive”12″EP(TrackMode Recordings)

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