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Week of 1/27/05 mix by Eugene

week of 1/27/05

Beef Wellington Dedication Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix Future Past Tense Eighth Dimension
Moodlex Just One Look Derrick Carter & Mark Farina Live at Om Om
Macy Gray When I See You Bugz in the Attic Remix Got the Bug The Bugz In the Attic Remixes Collection V2
David Morales Feels Good 2 Worlds Collide Ultra
Roy Davis Jr. My Soul Is Electric Chicago Forever Ubiquity
Supreme Beings of Leisure Strangelove Addiction Q-Burns Abstract Remix Single Palm Pictures
Iz & Diz Down 4 U 12″EP Guidance
Roy Davis Jr. & Deven Everett Red Hot Jay’s Love Vibration Mix 12″EP Freedom Group

Eugene’s So Very Mix:

Eugene BerrEduar Productions Running Away Louis Benedetti’s R&B Dub 12″EP Soulful Sessions
Freak Commission pres. Plastic Peanuts Close Proximity 12″EP Drop Music
JT Donaldson feat. Symphony Trust Me Broadway & Wilson Remix 12″EP Om
Starbuck Jones Beautiful Thing The Starbuck Jones Experience White
Colette Feelin’ Hypnotized Kaskade Mix 12″EP Om
Druw and Perez feat. Don-E A Little Sunshine Knee Deep Mix 12″EP Copyright Recordings
Adam Collins & Sloth pres. The Hustlers With Love Lawnchair Generals Remix 12″EP Primal Records
Broken Home Flack Track Much Love EP Blockhead Recordings
Sound Navigators Down On It Joey Youngman Remix 12″EP Blockhead Recordings
Deviate Groovin’ All Night Swirl Peeps Mix 12″EP Mobile Trax
Chris Lum I Can’t Wait Deep House Project 3 DHP
Wescott Devine Like It Was 12″EP White
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Haboh’s Pick
Greenskeepers feat. Colette Keep It Down Rob Mello’s No Ears Vocal Mix 12″EP Classic
ms. angel’s pick
Cricco Castelli Through Changes Derrick Carter Live at Om Om
GB The Black Monolith Soundtrack For Sunrise Studio Dist.
ADNY pres. Doreen Younglore Life

Week of 1/20/05 mix by Haboh

week of 1/20/05

Beef Wellington “Dedication” (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) Future Past Tense (Eighth Dimension)
Stephanie Cooke “Holding On To Your Love” (Big Moses Love That We Share Mix) Everything (King Street Sounds)
Gaelle “Rain” (Bugz in the Attic Remix) Got the Bug The Bugz In the Attic Remixes Collection (V2)
Shur-I-Kan “Homeward” (Waypoints) (Freerange Records)
David Morales “How Would You Feel” 2 Worlds Collide (Ultra Records)
H-Foundation “Passage of Time” Passage of Time (Soma)
Roy Davis Jr. “Dance Shake” Water for Thirsty Children (nice+smooth)

Haboh’s So Very Mix:

Sirus “With You” Mark Farina Connect (Om)
Frank Roger & Dj Deep “Vertigo” In & Out E.P. (Straight Up)
Joey Youngman “Back In The Day” 12″EP (Developed Music)
J-Rod & Pat Nice “Angry Dancin’” 12″EP (Roam)
Justin Martin & Sammy D “Cats And Dogs” 12″EP (Classic)
Diz “Yokoona Skateboard 2″ Mark Farina Connect (Om)
Justin Martin & Sammy D “Cats And Dogs” (Jacob London’s Coprophagia Mix) 12″EP (Classic)
Greens Keepers feat. Colette “Keep It Down” (Greens Keepers Dragon Tear Remix) 12″EP (Classic)
Scooper & Bubba “I’m Satisfied” (The Wax Power Dub) 12″EP (Classic)
Funky Transport meets JoneeQ “Self Abuse” (Funky Transport Main Mix) 12″EP (Flygaric Tracks)
Mark Farina “Dream Machine” (Bretts No Fear Dub) Brett Johnson Unreleased Remixes (Aesoteric)
Paul Paredes & Scott Pace “Bumper Sticker” High Vision Lo EP (Heights Music)

Haboh’s Pick
Da Sunlounge “Last Night 12″EP (Myna)
ms. angel’s pick
Luomo “So You” Present Lover (Forcetracks)
GB “After All” Soundtrack For Sunrise (Studio)
Mylo “Musclecars” (Reform Reprise) Destroy Rock n Roll

Week of 1/13/05 mix by Bryan Desh

week of 1/13/05

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
To-Ka Project-”Revolutions”Derrick Carter and Mark Farina Live at Om(Om)
Roy Davis, Jr.-”Take A Ride”Water For Thirsty Children(Nice + Smooth)
Stephanie Cooke-”Rain”(DF’s Rainforest Mix)Everything(King Street Sound)
David Morales w/ Angela Hunte-”Feels Good”2 Worlds Collide(DMI)

Bryan Desh’s So Very Mix:

Harry Romero feat. Robert Owens-”I Go Back”12″EP(Subliminal)
Halo, Penn and Chus-”Made In Spain”Music For Playgrounds(BlueM Recordings)
River Ocean feat. India-”Love And Happiness”(Congo Drums Mix)12″EP(Strictly Rhythm)
Next Evidence-”Blowin’ Drums”12″EP(Basic)
Kerri “Kaoz” Chandler-”Get Up”The Deep Thoughts EP(83 West Records)
Chris Simmonds-”Jazz 2 B U”12″EP(Court Square Records)
Jask-”The Love Song”Moments in Jazz(Step Ahead Stereo)
Will Bates-”All u Gotta Do Is Love Me”(Johnny Fiasco Mojazz Mix)12″EP(MN2S)
Johhny Fiasco-”Rhumba Del Soul”Spice Of Life(Room Records)
River Ocean feat. India-”Love And Happiness”(Tito And India Mix)12″EP(Strictly Rhythm)
Gabriele D’Andrea & Andy Funk-”First Class”(Music Lovers First Class Mix)12″EP(Bee’s Nees)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: DJ Q-”Music For Freaks”12″EP(MFF)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Dave Clark-”Way Of Life”(Sneak Dub)Derrick Carter and Mark Farina Live At Om(Om)
Freaks-”Telefunken”The Man Who Lived Underground(MFF)
Smadj-”Asma”(Jimpster Remix)Jimpster Selected Remixes 2000 / 2003(Freerange)
Larry Heard-”Direct Drive”12″EP(TrackMode Recordings)

Week of 1/6/05 mix by DJ Dawn

week of 1/6/05

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
Aya-”Nobody Knows”Strange Flower(Naked Music)
Gaelle-”Rain”(Bugz in the Attic Remix)Got the Bug: Bugz in the Attic Remixes Collection(V2)
Chromeo-”You’re So Gangsta”She’s In Control(Vice)
Ajoshua Phabu-”Hey DJ”Hot Tracks EP(Unreleased)
Dobre & Jamez-”Paper Moon”51 Days(Touche)

DJ Dawn’s So Very Mix:

DJ Dawn Andy Caldwell-”Don’t Hold Back”(Phuturistix Mix)InSoul Sessions Vol.2(Inspirit)
Moodswings-”El Mar”(Broken Beats Mix)The Vinyl Collection(Mettle Music)
Marco de Souza-”Step Over”12″EP(Freerange)
Hideo Kobayashi feat. Maki-”Possibility of Love”12″EP(Deeplay)
Roomsa feat. Lady Sarah-”Sunrise (Come With Me)”(JT’s Bassmental Vocal)12″EP(Salted Music)
Unknown-”The Big Things”12″EP(Da Vault)
DJ Hal feat. Jay Thomas-”Don’t Give Up”(Lawnchair Generals Mix)12″EP(Blockhead)
Julius Papp-”Funk Like That”Electro-Fied EP(DAE)
Owusu & Green-”Nevermore”(Andy C’s Rework)12″EP(Naked)
Alton Miller feat. Sky-”Choose To Believe”(Sweet Abraham’s Raw Mix)12″EP(Deeper Soul)
JT Donaldson feat. Symphony-”Trust Me”(Vocal Rework)12″EP(Om)
Dimitri From Paris-”Live Jazz”(MAW Long Version)12″EP(Discograph)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Joey Youngman-”Back in the Day”12′Ep(DevelopedMusic)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: 2nd Shift-”Knew Computer”An Evening in the Listening Room(Seasons)
Mark Grant-”Hey You”Om 100(Om)