Week of 12/23/04 mix by BTF

 12/23/04 mix by BTF: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (872)

week of 12/23/04

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
DJ Rasoul & Miguel Migs-”Summer Elements”True Formula(Large)
Joeski-”Summer Days”
Roy Davis, Jr-”Water For Thirsty Children”Water For Thirsty Children(Nice & Smooth)
Roy Davis, Jr-”Soldiers Listen”Water For Thirsty Children(Nice & Smooth)
Force Of Nature-”Loop Addiction”(Jimpster’s House Mix)
Solaris Heights-”Subfusion”12″EP(Paper)
Kaskade-”Still Still Still”Home For The Holidays(Om)

BTF’s So Very Mix:
BTFLe Casa Del Ritmo-”Mala Idea”12″EP(Look At You)
Eddie Matos-”Flute’s Melody”Groove Oddessy EP(Look At You)
Jon Cutler-”You Groove Me”12″EP(Distant)
Kaskade-”I Feel Like”12″EP(Om)
Zero7-”Home”(Ben Watt Remix)12″EP(
Gadjo-”So Many Times”12″EP(
Soul Central-”Strings Of Life”12″EP(
Olav Basoski-”Opium Scumbagz”(Olav’s Hot and Sweet Dub)12″EP(Defected)
Aly Us-” Follow Me”(Full Intention Remix)12″EP(
Love & Peace Orchestra-”Holdin’ On”(Alex Latino & DJ Moana Long Mix)12″EP(Fuk Fresca)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Crackanice-”Buzz”The Hatchback EP(Safe in Sound)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Kaskade-”Sweet Love”(Marques’ “Deep Love” Mix)12″EP(Om)
Dzihan & Kamien-”Deep Kitcsh”Gran Riserva(Six Degrees)
Digs, Whoosh & Mr. Ski-”Rumpfunk”(RawSubstance Mix)12″EP(DiY Discs)
King Kooba-”O Christmas Tree”hOMe for the Holidays(Om)
Alexkid-”On My Mind”(Llorca Remix)12″EP(Ovum)

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