Week of 11/25/04 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

week of 11/25/04

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
The Greenskeepers-”Right On”GKM010(Greenskeepers Music)
Black Powder-”Last Goodbye”Very Kopenhagen(Welt)
Stephanie Cooke-”Rain”Everything(King Street)
Les Voleurs-”Everybody”12″EP(Moomu_Records)
Laurent C.-”What I Did For You”What I Did EP(Cosmic Flux)
Roy Davis Jr-”Heavenly Father”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)

Haboh and ms. angel’s SoVery Mix:
soveryLance De Sardi-”What? meow”12″EP(Dufflebag)
Troydon-”Steppin’ Up”Out & About EP(Nightshift)
Joey Youngman-”Funky Leftovers”Studio Maintenance EP(Fetish Recordings)
Hot Toddy-”Mind Trip”(Satin Souls Remix)12″EP(Winding Road Records)
Todd Bodine-”Visions”Digital Madness II(Wordandsound)
Swirl Peepz-”So Much Like Me”Double Deuce Part 1(Amentimusic)
Boo Williams-”Crying Black Man”Fruits of the Spirit(Three to Five)
JP Soul w/ Afi Ayana-”The Deeper”12″EP(Roam)
Diesel & Desmet vs ECB-”Thinking About You”12″EP(Nightshift)
Community Housin-”Rowsley Grove”The Picante Sampler(Audio Wallpaper)
Brett Johnson feat. Dave Barker-”Where Are You Going”(freakscomintogetyavocal)12″EP(Seasons)
JT Donaldson-”Do Dat”A Room With A Vu(Lowdown)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Vibezelect-”Beautiful Dazes”12″EP(White)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Demarkus Lewis-”The Snooze Button”12″EP(Roam)
JT Donaldson-”310 Girl Additive”Seven(Afterhours)
Jazzy Eyewear-”Back In Town”Eight EP(Bunchlox)
Funky Transport feat. JoneeQ-”Self Abuse”(Funky Transport Main Mix)12″EP(Flygaric Tracks)
Cubano Connection-”Chico’s Party”(Rip Tide’s 9Ooh!9 Mix)12″EP(Absolute Pressure)
Greenskeepers-”Burning”GKM010(Greenskeeper Music)
Madison Park-”Free”Boutique(Basic Lux)
Solar House-”Got 2 B U”The Roots(Large)

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