Monthly Archive for November, 2004

Week of 11/25/04 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

week of 11/25/04

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
The Greenskeepers-”Right On”GKM010(Greenskeepers Music)
Black Powder-”Last Goodbye”Very Kopenhagen(Welt)
Stephanie Cooke-”Rain”Everything(King Street)
Les Voleurs-”Everybody”12″EP(Moomu_Records)
Laurent C.-”What I Did For You”What I Did EP(Cosmic Flux)
Roy Davis Jr-”Heavenly Father”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)

Haboh and ms. angel’s SoVery Mix:
soveryLance De Sardi-”What? meow”12″EP(Dufflebag)
Troydon-”Steppin’ Up”Out & About EP(Nightshift)
Joey Youngman-”Funky Leftovers”Studio Maintenance EP(Fetish Recordings)
Hot Toddy-”Mind Trip”(Satin Souls Remix)12″EP(Winding Road Records)
Todd Bodine-”Visions”Digital Madness II(Wordandsound)
Swirl Peepz-”So Much Like Me”Double Deuce Part 1(Amentimusic)
Boo Williams-”Crying Black Man”Fruits of the Spirit(Three to Five)
JP Soul w/ Afi Ayana-”The Deeper”12″EP(Roam)
Diesel & Desmet vs ECB-”Thinking About You”12″EP(Nightshift)
Community Housin-”Rowsley Grove”The Picante Sampler(Audio Wallpaper)
Brett Johnson feat. Dave Barker-”Where Are You Going”(freakscomintogetyavocal)12″EP(Seasons)
JT Donaldson-”Do Dat”A Room With A Vu(Lowdown)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Vibezelect-”Beautiful Dazes”12″EP(White)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Demarkus Lewis-”The Snooze Button”12″EP(Roam)
JT Donaldson-”310 Girl Additive”Seven(Afterhours)
Jazzy Eyewear-”Back In Town”Eight EP(Bunchlox)
Funky Transport feat. JoneeQ-”Self Abuse”(Funky Transport Main Mix)12″EP(Flygaric Tracks)
Cubano Connection-”Chico’s Party”(Rip Tide’s 9Ooh!9 Mix)12″EP(Absolute Pressure)
Greenskeepers-”Burning”GKM010(Greenskeeper Music)
Madison Park-”Free”Boutique(Basic Lux)
Solar House-”Got 2 B U”The Roots(Large)

Week of 11/18/04 mix by Jason Silingo

week of 11/18/04

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
Roy Davis, Jr.-”I Love U”Water For Thirsty Children(Nice + Smooth)
Switch-”Get Ya Dub On”(Jimpster Remix)Jimpster Selected Remixes 2000/2003(Freerange)
Stephanie Cooke-”Here With My Best Friend”(King Street Reprise)Everything(King Street)
Toka Project-”2 Without U”City Loop EP(Lowdown)
Franck Rodger & DJ Deep-”I Tell The DJ”In & Out EP(Straight Up)
Ken ECB & Olivier Desmet-”End Up”(Demarkus Lewis & Olivier Desmet Remix)End Up EP(Amenti Music)
Natural Rhythm-”Autobiographical”Scrambled Heads Vol. 1 EP(Odds & Ends Music)

Jason Silingo’s So Very Mix:
jasonJacek Sienkiewicz-”Dream Machine”12″EP(Cocoon Recordings)
Jeff Bennett-”Illutions”12″EP(Sensei)
Dominik Eulberg-”Klangteppichverleger Wolle”12″EP(Traum)
Bit Shift-”M-Path”12″EP(Nite Grooves)
Estelle Montenegro-”Lessons In Minimalism”12″EP(Phono Elements)
Dustin Zahn-”unknown”12″EP(Remains)
Steve Bug vs. DJ T-”Shake”12″EP(Monza Sounds)
Burger Industries-”Derby”12″EP(Kompakt)
Hugg & Pepp-”Linda”Naken Janne EP(Dahlback Records)
Jesper Dahlback-”Piano Madness”(Phonogenic Remix)Summer Jam Madness EP(20/20 Vision)
Black Devil Disco Club-”Timing, Forget The Timing”12″EP(Reflex)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Kevin Yost-”Days Like these”Plastic Jazz EP(Guidance)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Moreno-”Firebird”(Ocean Beach Mix)12″EP(Buzzin’ Fly)
Big Muff-”My Funny Valentine”(Body & Soul Remix)Aurally Exciting Remixes(Razor & Tie)
Inland Knights and the Littlemen feat. Brown-”A Part Of Me”(Littlemen “Waiting” Mix)12″EP(Drop Music)
Mojo Project-”In My Life”(Greenskeepers Dub)12″EP(Love Monk)

Week of 11/11/04 mix by Daniel J

 11/11/04 mix by Daniel J: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1145)

week of 11/11/04

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension)
Roy Davis, Jr.-”How Will You Know”Water For Thirsty Children(Nice + Smooth)
Aya-”Sean”Strange Flower(Naked)
Robin Jones-”Royal Conga”(Jimpster’s Haribo Starmix)Jimpster Selected Remixes 2000-2003(Freerange)
Luomo-”Talk In A Danger”Present Lover(Brique Rogue)
DeMarkus Lewis-”Coming Back 4 Love”Prodigal Son EP(Vista)
JZ-”Stained Clothes”12″EP(White)
Kill Hannah-”Kennedy”(BHQ Dub)12″EP(Classic)

Daniel J’s So Very Mix:
danielJunior Jack& Kid Creme-”Private Tools”(Sven Luv vs Stefano Prada Vocal Mix)12″EP(Egolste)
Robert Chetcuti-”In The Sunshine”Pure Sax EP(Dopamine)
Stacy Kidd & Melvin Meeks-”Let Love Enter”Live At Om – Derrick Carter(Om)
J.T. Donaldson-”Make You High (before i go)”12″EP(Robsoul)
The Girth-”Make It Hot”Stretch Marks EP(11Th Street)
Members Only-”Rubberhome”gkm008(Greenskeepers Music)
High Caliber-”Sunglasses At Night”12″EP(Ammo Recordings)
Bohannon-”Let’s Start II Dance Again”12″EP(Unidisc)
Solid Grooves-”B With U”12″EP(Apartment 20)
Ken N. & Delvino feat. Spike Shurakano-”Starguitar”(Torso’s Rollin Guitar Mix)12″EP(ProgCity Deep)
Martin Solveig-”I’m A Good Man”(Mousse T Breakbeat Mix)12″EP(Defected)
Wally Callerio-”My Flow”Lower Left Corner EP(Alluv)
Deep Sensation-”Somehow, Somewhere (There’s A Soul Heaven)”(Cleptomaniacs Ghetto Anthem Mix)12″EP(ITH)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: DSMQ-”Meltdown”12″EP(Tronicsole)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Dimitri From Paris-”Not Quite Disco”Cruising Altitude(Discograph)
Gavin Froome-”Smoile”(JT Donaldson Mix)Post + Bean Revisited(Nordic Trax)
Roy Davis, Jr.-”Soldiers Listen”Water For Thirsty Children(Nice + Smooth)

Week of 11/4/04 mix by Reid

 11/4/04 mix by Reid: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1229)

week of 11/04/04

Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense: Remixes by Q-burns Abstract Message(Eighth Dimension)
Moreno-”Firebird”(Nocturnal Club Mix)12″EP(Buzzin’ Fly)
Stephanie Cooke-”Power Of Love”(Big Moses Vocal Mix)Everything(King St.)
DJ Hal feat. Jay Thomas-”Don’t Give It Up”12″EP(Blockhead)
Vibezelect-”Do What You Know”(Mario Fabriani & Olivier Desmet Rmx)12″EP(AmentiMusic)
LADM-”Blue Love”Sublevel Test 003(Sublevel)
Trentemoller-”in Progress”Trentemoller EP(Naked)

Reid’s So Very Mix:
ReidJustin Martin & Sammy D.-”I Miss You… Please Call Me Back Someday”12″EP(Roam Recordings)
Dj Spettro-”Smoke Stack”(Andrew Emil’s Uptown Beatdown)Smoke Stack EP(MHM)
Toka Project-”U Got Me”(Dizzy & John Larner Remix)City Loop EP(Lowdown)
Da Sunlounge-”Unknown”12″EP(Myna)
Troydon-”Get Up”Get Up Sampler part 1(Tango)
Toka Project-”Revolution”Loveright EP(So Sound)
The Girth-”Extra Seasoning”(dub)12″EP(White)
Laurent C-”Soulfly”12″EP(Cosmic Flux)
Roomsa-”Stuff Like That”(Johnny Fiasco Dub)12″EP(Aphrodisio)
Da Sunlounge & Office Gossip-”Think About It”12″EP(Myna)
Greens Keepers feat. Colette-”Keep It Down”(Greens Keepers Dragon Tear Remix)12″EP(Classic)
Collis King-”Feelins”12″EP(Tak)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Les Voleurs-”Everybody”(S. Williams)12″EP(Moomu Records)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Ken ECB & Oliver Desmet-”End Up”End Up EP(Amentimusic)
Stephanie Cooke-”Mind, Body, & Soul”Everything(King Street)
Karma-”The Power”12″EP(White)
Swirl Peepz-”Montevideo”12″EP(Tango)