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Week of 10/28/04 mix by Jimmy James

 10/28/04 Interview w/Gina Rene [4:38m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (873)

 10/28/04 mix by Jimmy James: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (908)

week of 10/28/04

Lisa Shaw-”Let It Ride”(Jimpster’s House Mix)Jimpster Selected Remixes 2000/2003(Freerange)
Soulstice-”All Right”Om 100(Om)
Guided Methods-”In Touch”12″EP(Dufflebag)
Roy Davis Jr.-”I Know What You’re Thinking”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)
Stephanie Cooke-”I Thank You”Everything(King Street Sounds)
Mei Lwun feat. Gina Rene-”Too Late”12″EP(Uno Recordings)
J Boogie-”Curiosity”Dubtronic Science(Om)

Special Guest: Gina Rene
GinaGina Rene- Unreleased


Jimmy James’ SoVery Mix:
JimmyJohnny Fiasco-”High and Dry”Solid Ground EP(Utensil)
The Camp Project-”Flute”12″EP(Houseplant)
Brazilian Nights-”Underneath the Stars”(Nathan G Mix)12″EP(Tinted Records)
Bob Sinclar-”Save Our Soul”Enjoy part 1(Defected)
Patrick Turner & Chris J.-”Members Only”(Sen-Sei’s SubPusher Remix)12″EP(Turnaround-Sound)
Wax Poetic-”Angels”(Portabello Remix)12″EP(Mother Tongue)
Dark Boogie-”Livin My Life”12″EP(Product Delux)
Axwell-”Lead Guitar”(Stones DJ Kandi Mix)12″EP(RLPmix Records)
Sharam Jey-”Take Control”12″EP(Airtight)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Nick Holder-”Singing Da Blues”12″EP(DNH)
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Freaks-”Creeps (You’re Giving Me)”(Freaks Old Street Dub)12″EP(MFF)
Kimbu Kimura-”Raise the Dead”12″EP(Mantis Records)

Week of 10/21/04 mix by Cory Wells

 10/21/04 mix by Cory Wells (Vibezelect): Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (830)

week of 10/21/04

Aya-”Slippin”Strange Flower(Naked)
Doug Willis-”Begun 2 Love U”nite:life 06 compiled by Ian Pooley(nrk)
Stephanie Cooke-”Alright”(Big Moses Original Vocal Mix)Everything(King Street Sounds)
Roy Davis Jr.-”If You Wanna”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)
Dave Barker-”Honey”Rocococoa EP(Classic)
Vibezelect feat. Mike Edge-”70′s Merlot feat. Symphony”Unreleased
Beef Wellington-”Dedication”(Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)Future Past Tense(Eighth Dimension Records)

Cory Wells’ So Very Mix:
corySchmoov!-”Wrong Turning”12″EP(DiY)
Demarkus Lewis-”Listen To This”Stay Soft EP(MHM)
Justin Martin-”Caught Deep”jm:ep(Utensil)
Oliver Desmet & Chuck Diesel-”Unknown Test Pressing”One EP(Developed Music)
Vibezelect-”Do What You Know”(OG Mix)12″EP(Amenti Music)
Troydon-”Keep Bustin”Everyday People EP(Grab)
Inland Knights-”Can’t Remember”Stitch Up(Drop)
Filthy pres. Not Today-”100% Pure”(PW Rmx)12″EP(Leg)
Miss E-”Pass That Dutch”12″EP(Cadang)
Thomas Sahs & Ben Wah-”Vibe Is Tight”Spring Sampler(Doubledown)
Telepopmusik-”Love Can Damage Your Health”(Freaks Downright Sleazy Speakeasy)12″EP(Chrysalis)
Lawnchair Generals feat. Angela Carlson-”Tell You Something”12″EP(Westbound)
Troydon-”Fire Escape”The Waxed E.P.(Gallery)
Toka Project-”From Us”Single(Unreleased)
Blaine Copperfield-”Gonna Party”12″EP(Who)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Mojo Project-”In My Life”(Greenskeepers Dub)12″EP(Love Monk)
Cory Wells’ Pick of The Week: “Danger” feat. Cynthia Leimbach Unreleased
Ms. Angel’s Pick of The Week: Swayzak-”Speakeasy”Loops from the Bergerie(!K7)

Week of 10/14/04 mix by Missy

 10/14/04 mix by Missy: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (964)

week of 10/14/04

Dalminjo-”I Need You”Fjord Fusioneer(Deeplay Music)
Larry Heard-”Just One Minute”Where Life Begins(Track Mode)
Stephanie Cooke-”If I Have To Change”(DJ Spinna Remix)12″EP(King St)
Roy Davis, Jr.-”I Know What You’re Thinking”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)
Rithma-”Down In The Basement”Everyone’s Sleeping Today EP(Om)
Jaam feat. Eska-”Call It To Mind(Jimpster’s Vocal Remix)Jimpster Selected Remixes 2000/2003(Freerange)

Missy’s Mix:
MissyInduceve-”Time To Begin”(Freakstimetojackredo)12″EP(Classic)
DHS-”Hypnosis”Mind Control(Tino Corp)
Booka Shade-”Vertigo”12″EP(Get Physical)
Stefan Goldmann feat. Kristiina Tuomi-”Pain”(Freakspsychspeakeasy mix)12″EP(Classic)
Lawnchair Generals-”The Truth”12″EP(Lowdown)
Erykah Badu-”Sometimes”12″EP(White)
Morgan Page-”Maple Grooves”12″EP(Fiji Recordings)
Mako & Bass kleph-”Like, Abort Juan”12″EP(Floating Point)
Unit 4-”Bodydub”(Tiefschwarz mix)12″EP(Clone)
Nick Holder-”Bad Girl”(Solid Groove Mix)The Other Mixes vol. 1(NRK)
Dan Berkson-”Planet Earth”Go Naked(Exun)
Goldfish Und Der Dulz-”Lila”12″EP(Playhouse)
Marky Star-”Nice Kiss”(Gene Simmons Loves Abba Remix)12″EP(Syntax)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Da Sunlounge-”Lastnight”Down Tools EP(Myna Music)
Alexander East-”We Can Funk”(Jacob London Remix)12″EP(Amfibius Recordings)
Bobby Peru-”For My Bleeps”12″EP(2020 Vision)
Modjo”Chillin”(Derrick Carter Mix)12″Ep(MCA Records)

Week of 10/7/04 Radiothon! mix by SIS

 10/7/04 mix by DJ Marloca [27:56m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (986)

 10/7/04 mix by Toki and Monkey [50:04m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1050)

 10/7/04 mix by DJ Chia [26:06m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1024)

week of 10/07/04

DJ Marloca’s set:
MarlocaThe Last Poets-”When The Revolution Comes”(Douglas)
Azeem-”Break It On Down”(Wide Hive)
Madam Laos In House Showgirl Band-”Coming Home Baby”(Payback)
Tom Browne-”Funkin’ For Jamaica”(Simply 12)
Bobbi Humphrey-”Young Warrior”[Madlib Remix](Blue Note)
Pointer Sisters-”Pinball Number Count”[DJ Food Re-Edit](Ninja Tune)
Jackson 5-”ABC”(Motown)
Iomos Marad feat. Tanya Reed-”Free”(All Natural)
The Strange Fruit Project-”Back Drop”(Black Son)
Ohmega Watts-”Illuminate”(Ubiquity)


DJ Toki & Monkey’s Electro Mix:
Mr. Oizo-”Last Night a DJ Killed my Dog”Last Night A Dj Killed my Dog(Mute)
Bjork-It’s In Our Hands”(Soft Pink Truth Mix)12″EP(One Little Indian)
Unkle-”Eye for an Eye”(Meat Katie’s Twisted in the Globe Mix)12″EP(Mowax)
Ellis Dee-”T-31 seconds”12″EP(Kram)
Mafia Tone v. Dreadzone-”The Warriors”Y4K-Tayo(Distinctive Breaks)
Koma + Bones-”Shutterspeed”12″EP(TGR)
iLs-”Music”(Evilnine Punk Rocks Mix)12″EP(My Utopia)
Wally Lopez-”triax 250″12″EP(Ideal Mix)
Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown-”Prophet Dub”12″EP(Skint)
Freak Nasty-”Clit Licka”12″EP(Skint)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Terry Lee Brown Jr.-”City Lights”Brother For Real EP(Plastic City)

DJ Chia’s Mix:
ChiaDamn!-”Leaving This Planet”(Yam Who’s Outer Galaxy Mix)12″EP(Raw Fusion)
The Prodigal Allen Hoist-”Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)”(Greg Gauthier & Tony L version)12″EP(Soulution)
Louie Vega-”Africa/Brasil”Elements of Life(Vega Records)
Blu Sol Trio feat. Shaka Banton-”Can’t Go Back”12″EP(Blu Sol)
Unknown-”Work It On The Freeway”12″EP(White)

ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Roy Davis Jr.-”I Know What You’re Thinking”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)