Week of 9/9/04 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

 9/9/04 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1252)

week of 9/9/04
Harlem Zip Code-”Fling Up Your Wig”Colour World Soul(Red Melon)
Roy Davis Jr.-”If You Wanna”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)
Andy Caldwell-”Don’t Hold Back”12″EP(Inspirit)
Frankie Knuckles-”Journey”A New Reality(Definity)
Rolling Stones-”Missing”12″EP(White)
Louie Vega-”MozaLounge”Elements of Life(Vega Records)
Bjork-”Triumph of a Heart”Medulla(Elektra)
Roy Davis Jr.-”Heavenly Father”Chicago Forever(Ubiquity)

Haboh and Ms.Angel’s SoVery Mix:

Nutty feat. Daddy-”Mdali”(Mbuso’s Mix)12″EP(Miso)
DJ Profile-”Batoblues”Simpletone EP(Sound of Barclay)
Jamie Anderson-”Oceanic Impro”Abstract Latinism EP(Artforms)
Dubtribe Soundsystem-”Do It Now”Baggage(Defected)
Tim Phin presents Solidarity feat. Haley and Latrice-”Find A Way”(Craig Harris & Tim Richards Dub)12″EP(Om)
Cuban Pete-”Clean Cuts”(Natural Rhythm’s LA Remix)12″EP(Mimosa)
Frederic Blais-”My Favorite Time”Be My Love EP(Obsession)
Mark Farina-”It’s Ok, Again”The Lost Baggage EP(Om)
Hot Toddy-”Don’t Spill the Wine”Mind Trip EP(Winding Road)

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Bjork-”Mouth’s Cradle”Medulla(Elektra)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Kaskade-”Move”In the Moment(Om)

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