Monthly Archive for August, 2004

Week of 8/26/04 mix by DJ Dawn

week of 8/26/04
Latrice Barnett-”Without Love”12″EP(Moulton Studios)
Dubtribe Soundsystem-”The Rhythm In Your Mind”Baggage(Defected)
Charles Afton-”Prelude to a Groove”Lost Sunset Lounge(Kriztal)
AK-”No One Else”(Distant Music Dub)12″EP(King Street)
Lisa Shaw-”Telling On Me”12″EP(Sirkus)
Lawnchair Generals-”Is This Happening?”Derrick Carter + Mark Farina Live at Om(Om)
Mei Lwun feat. Gina Rene-”Too Late”12″EP(Uno)

DJ Dawn’s Mix:
dawnAndy Caldwell-”All I Need”(CJ One Remix)12″EP(Naked)
Miguel Migs feat. Li’sha-”Do It For You”(Migs petalpusher vocal)12″EP(Salted)
Arvid feat. Ernesto-”Try”(Fenomenon Ferdahk Ext. Remix)12″EP(Naked)
Miguel Migs-”Come On”(Bounce To This Mix)12″EP(Om)
West Magnetic-”Real”(JT Donaldson remix)Real Remixes(Sounds like Ultra)
Julius Papp-”Freed”(Deep Jazzy Mix)12″EP(Nite Grooves)
Triangle Orchestra-”The Strip”12″EP(Outergaze)
Johnny Fiasco-”Cielo Y Tiera”Rythmic Solutions(Trailer Park Recordings)
The Deep House Souldiers-”Mile High House”(Far Away Original Mix)Mile High House EP Part 1(Offset)
Nikos-”Speaking In Tongues”12″EP(Under My Skin)
Mark Farina-”Dream Machine”(JT Donaldson Remix)Dream Machine Remixes(Om)

Listen to the mix:

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Jamie Anderson-”Oceanic”Abstract Latinism EP(Artform)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Dubtribe Soundsystem-”Autosoul”Baggage(Defected)
Furry Freaks-”Want Me”(Herbert Remix)12″EP(Love From San Francisco)
Urban Jazz Nationals-”How Can I”12″EP(Gallery)
Les Gens De La Grande Ville-”The Men Who Are Worth More”12″EP(Rainy City)
Manijama feat. Mukupa & L’il T-”No No No”(Jask’s Thaisoul Remix)12″EP(Defected)

Week of 8/19/04 mix by DJ Vertigo

week of 8/19/04
Mark Farina-”Dream Machine”(Brett Johnson Mix)Single(Om)
JZ-”Stained Clothes”12″EP(White)
Chromeo-”Ah Oui Comme Ca”She’s In Control(Vice)
Felix Da Housecat-”Romantique”Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever(Emperor Norton)
Chromeo-”Needy Girl”She’s In Control(Vice)
Random Factor feat. Georg Levin-”Move On”12″EP(2020 Vision)
Guided Methods-”Rugburns”Compu_Sol 002(Independent Music)
Joe Smooth-”Alternative 3″Trax Records: The Next Generation(Trax)

DJ Vertigo’s SoVery Mix:
VertigoDeep Dish-”Stranded” (BT vs DD Rmx)12″EP(Deconstruction)
Sombionx + Lindsay-”Reptile” (Lego’s Beat Apella)12″EP(Extract)
Spook-”Feel Up” (Salt City Orchestra Wenesday Mix) Yoshiesque vol. 2 (React)
Alan Braxe + Fred Falke-”Running” 12″EP(Vulture)
4:20-”The Funky Track” 12″EP(Buckle Up)
Trade Union Sound-”Papugne” 2×12″EP(Absolutely)
Swag-”Crumpled Cones” (2020 Vision Rmx) Diversions EP pt. 3 (Version)
Basement Jaxx-”Yo-Yo” Remedy (XL)
Armand van Helden-”Boogie Monster” 12″EP(Armed)
Carl Cox-”Dr. Funk” 12″EP(MCA)
Halo, Tony + Hipp-e-”Dub Me Some ‘Tin Fresh” Yoshiesque vol. 2 (React)
Lustral-”Everytime” 12″EP(Hooj Choons)
Kinobe-”Butterfly” 12″EP

Listen to the mix:

Haboh’s Pick of The Week: Eddie Kendricks-”Girl You Need A Change Of Mind”The Loft pt. 2″(Nuphonic)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: JT Donaldson “Be with Me” Limited Edition Sampler EP (Gallery)
Guided Methods “Funk On Then”Unknown(Dufflebag)
Inland Knights-”Hot Soup”Derrick Carter & Mark Farina Live at Om(Om)
Stacy Kidd-”Disco Mania”Derrick Carter & Mark Farina Live at Om(Om)
Stacy Kidd-”Let Love Enter”Derrick Carter & Mark Farina Live at Om(Om)
Guided Methods-”Beautiful Dazes”Unknown(Dufflebag)

Week of 8/5/04 mix by DJ Harvey

 DJ Harvey Mix [61:15m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3848)

week of 8/05/04
Mimosa-”End Of Me”12″EP(Deep Touch)
Plej-”Blue”Electronic Music From the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Naked Music NYC-”If I Fall”
Frankie Knuckles-”Bac N Da Day”A New Reality(Definity)
Vibezelect-”Do What You Know”Derrick Carter + Mark Farina Live at Om(Om)
Charles Afton-”Roadster”Lost Sunset Lounge(Kriztal)
Dubtribe Soundsystem-”Autosoul”12″EP(Defected)
Dalminjo-”I Need You”Fjord Fusioneer(Kriztal)
Dubtribe Soundsystem-”Equitoreal”Bryant Street(Imperial Dub)
Teifschwarz-”Never”(Joshua’s Vocal)12″EP(Classic)

DJ Harvey’s SoVery Mix:
Jersey Devil Social Club-”Homage at 121 BPM”12″EP(Environ)
Black Devil Disco Club-”Timing, Forget the Timing”12″EP(Rephlex)
Mad Imbecile-”Chocolate Lollypop”12″EP(Lifejacket Records)
Chez Damier-”Warfare”Spiritual Warfare V.1 EP(Trackmode)
Hans-Peter Lindstrom-”Thermometer Dropping”12″EP(Feedelity)
Infantwo-”Modern Robot Chorus”12″EP(Modal)
I:Cube-”Vaccum Jackers”(Maurice Fulton Remix)12″EP(Versatile Records)
How & Why?-”unknown”12″EP(Rong)
Foolish & Sly-”Come A Little Closer”12″EP(Cynic)
Force Of Nature-”Force Field”12″EP(Libyus Music)
Lars-”Piano Groove”Lost Tracks Vol. 1(Needs)

ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Hot Toddy-”Don’t Spill The Wine”Mindtrip EP(Winding Road)
Harvey’s Pick of The Week: Robert Palmer-”Night People”Double Fun(Island)
DiY-”Wanna Go Back?”Notts Landing Nottingham Housin’ Authority(DiY)
Earth Leakage Trip-”Unknown”Icebreaker(Source)
Fauna Flash-”Alone Again”Fusion(Compost)
Kaskade-”Everything”In The Moment(Om)