Monthly Archive for May, 2004

Week of 5/27/04 mix by Jay-J

week of 5/27/04
Kathy Brown-”Never Again”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Live poetry and interview with Jened-Girlfest Hawaii

Listen to poetry:

Jay-J-”All I Do”
Jay-J-”Roots Roll Call”
Jay-J-”Thank You”

Jay-J’s SoVery Mix:
JayJUnknown-”Music Revolution”(White)
Vibezelect-”Do What You Know”(Original)12″EP(Compusoul)
JT Donaldson-”Funk Is On Your Side”12″EP(Grab)
Marlon Dee-”Underground Anthem”12″EP(Jellybean)
Peter & Tyrone w/Lady Alma-”Gimme That Music”12″EP(83 West)
Musiq-”For The Night”12″EP(Headz)
Jay-J & Halo-”Make My Heart”12″EP(Moulton Studios)
Paul Paredes-”Miracle”12″EP(Imprint Recordings)
The Beard feat. Amma-”Keep Hopin’”12″EP(Inspirit)
Si Weka-”One 51″12″EP(Soulfuric Deep)
Jay-J & Mark Grant feat. Latrice Barnett-”Love Is”12″EP(Unreleased)

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Phil Weeks & Diz-”Who’s Gonna Be The One?”(Fred Everything Mix)12″EP(Robsoul Revision)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week:Swirl People-”A Special Combo”A Special Combo EP(Aroma Recordings)
John Copeland-”Second Hand of Funk”12″EP(Biro)

Week of 5/20/04 mix by Haboh and Ms.Angel

week of 5/20/04
Luomo-”Talk in a Danger”The Present Lover(Force Tracks)
Plej-”You”Electronic Music From The Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Mark Farina-”Talk 2 Me”The Lost Baggage EP(Om)
King Kooba-”Fooling Myself”(Derrick Carter Mix)reMIXED(Om)
Ralph Rosario feat. Xavier Gold-”You Used to Hold Me”Trax Records: The 20th Anniversary Collection mixed by Maurice Joshua and Paul Johnson(Trax)
Kaskade-”Steppin’ Out”In the Moment(Om)
Luomo-”The Present Lover”The Present Lover(Force Tracks)
Mark Grant feat. Russoul-”Girl With U”(dub)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)

SoVery Mix:

Joshua J-”Sea Shores”12″EP(Urban Loops)
Chez Damier-”Close”(Dub)12″EP(Balance)
Sunday Scoundrels-”Nothin’ Goin On”12″EP(Roam Records)
John Plays Special-”Sasa”The Remixes(I Records)
Glenn Underground-”Stringing Me”Archives by Glenn Underground(Eargasmic)
De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan-”It Ain’t All Good”(Can 7 Supermarket Mix [no rap])After the Playboy Mansion(Astralwerks)
Brett Johnson-”Here & Now”Bounce! EP(Classic)
Induceve-”Papillon”Time To Begin EP(Classic)
Sumo-”I Need”12″EP(Chiz)
The Regionalists-”Live Nude Rhodes”12″EP(Viva)

Listen to the mix:

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Chris Nazuka-”4 AM”Butterfly EP(Tweekin)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Luomo-”Tessio”The Present Lover(Force Tracks)
Nu Tropic-”Pascalito’s Theme”Lounge Story 2(Le Maquis)
Bugge Wesseltoft-”Change”Rendezvous Lounge(Rendezvous)
Phil Weeks & Diz-”Who’s Gonna Be The One?”(Fred Everything Mix)12″EP(Robsoul)
Swirl People-”Liar Liar Pants On Fire”A Special Combo(Aroma Recordings)

Week of 5/13/04 mix by Haboh

week of 5/13/04
Naked Music NYC-”If I Fall”(Miguel Migs Remix)reMIXED(Om)
Adani & Wolf-”Daylight”Rendezvous Lounge(Rendezvous)
Alexkid-”Bienvenida”After the Playboy Mansion(Astralwerks)
A Tribe Called Quest vs. Sir Piers & Si Ashton-”Bonita Applebum”(Curious House Vocal)12″EP(White Promo)
Plej-”You”Electronic Music from the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
John Beltran-”Starlight Memories”In Full Color(Ubiquity)

Haboh’s SoVery Mix:
Derrick Carter-”Boompty Boomp Theme”Nu Pshidt EP(Classic)
Mark Farina-”Betcha Do”Air Farina(Om)
Phil Weeks & Diz-”Who’s Gonna be the One?”(Mark Farina’s waiting room mix)12″EP(Robsoul Recordings)
Miguel Migs-”Come On”(Salted Mood Dub)12″EP(Om)
Phil Weeks & Diz-”Who’s Gonna Be The One?”(Fred Everything one for you remix)12″EP(Robsoul Recordings)
Dan Berkson-”Planet Earth”Go Naked EP(Exun)
Jordan Fields-”And I Feel It”12″EP(Anonymous)
Magik Johnson-”Million Dreams”12″EP(Tango)
Kaskade-”Steppin’ Out”(Hodges is Steppin’ Out mix)12″EP(Om)
Chuck Daniels-”Deep Bleeps”12″EP(Sampled)

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Roy Davis Jr.-”Gabrielle”12″EP(Large)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Kaskade-”Steppin’ Out”(Extended Mix)12″EP(Om)
Plej-”Shimmer”Electronic Music from the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Freaks-”Electric Imbalance”12″EP(MFF)
Fresh & Low-”Besos de Los Angeles”12″EP(Guidance)
Boris Dlugosch & Roisin Murphy-”Never Enough”(Sir Piers & Ed Funk Club Remix)After the Playboy Mansion(Astralwerks)
Vivian Green-”Fanatic”(Lo Fidelity Allstars Remix)12″EP(Columbia)
Eddie Grant-”Electric Avenue”Killer on a Rampage(Portrait)

Week of 5/6/04 mix by DJ Universoul

week of 5/6/04
Basement Jaxx-”If I Ever Recover”Kish Kash(Astralwerks)
Soulstice-”The Reason”(remix by DJ Spinna)Remixed(Om)
Glenn Underground-”Stringing Me”12″EP(Eargasmic)
Lance DeSardi-”I’ve Been There”The Urban Bourbon EP(Muzique Boutique)
Nu Freak-”Funkized”Freak Out(Global Groove Music)
Deep Code-”French Disco Lift”12″EP(Smooth Agent)
Afro-Mystik-”Natural”(Halo & Andre Harris remix)Remixed(Om)
Jacob London-”The Bull Cows Gonna Smack Ya”12″EP(Classic)

DJ Universoul’s SoVery Mix:
universoulPound Boys feat. Thea Austin-”Funky Music”(PB Dub)Kaskade’s Soundtrack to the Soul(Om)
Groove Junkies feat. Indeya-”Gonna Get By”(GJ Peak Hour By)Kaskade’s Soundtrack to the Soul(Om)
Michelle Weeks-”The Light”(Jamie Lewis Dub)Kaskade’s Soundtrack to the Soul(Om)
Kaskade-”In This Life”12″EP(Society Heights)
Kaskade-”Feeling the Night”More Candy EP(JTM)
Amma-”Heartbeat”(The Beard Mix)12″EP(Inspirit)
Andy Caldwell & Fred Everything-”Live Your Life”InSoulsession Vol 1(Inspirit)
Amma-”Was it Real?”(Pimpsole Mix)12″EP(Inspirit)
Soul Khula-”Musication”(Andy Caldwell Mix)12″EP(Inspirit)
Undercovery Agency-”Sweetest Kind”(Undercover Dub)Nude Directions EP(Naked)
Andy Caldwell-”All I Need”(Undercover Agency Mix)12″EP(Naked)

Listen to the mix:

haboh’s Pick of the Week:Herbert-”Suddenly”12″Ep(K7 Records)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Miguel Migs-”Making Moves”City Sounds 2(NRK)