Week of 4/22/04 mix by Nitelite

week of 4/22/04
John Beltran-”Starlight Memories”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Late Night Alumni-”Hope”United Nations Of Future Music vol. 2(Om)
Siciana Soul-”Starlite”(Siciana Soul Vocal)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Swirl People-”More Emotion”Bambino EP(Lowdown)
Grey & Chakaharta-”Hit The Nuco”A Warm Focus EP(Fair Park)
Sunday Scoundrels feat. Audio Angel-”Nothin’ Goin’ On”12″EP(Roam)
Tim Delux-”We All Love Sax”The Little Ginger Clubkid(Underwater)
Cesaria Evora-”Sargue De Beirona”(Main Pass by Francois K)Club Sodade(Lusafrica)
Weekend Players-”21st Century”Pursuit of Happiness(Multiply)

Reid & Eugene’s SoVery mix, Nitelite edition:

Moodymann-”Norma Jean Bell”Classics Series Vol.1(Funky Chocolate)
Miguel Migs-”Salted Mood Dub”Come On(OM)
Gabi Newman-”Let Me Love You”12″EP(Stereo)
Matty Heilbronn-”Go Getter”12″EP(Papa Records)
Kaskade-”Keep On”12″EP(Lowdown)
Kaskade-”Rubber Horn”12″EP(Greenskeepers)
Unkown-”Unkown”Groovin’ vol. 5(White)
Rtao-”What We Need Is Now”(Joe Silva Remix)12″EP(Elevation)
Joy Youngman-”Jackpot”Welcome to Oakland EP(Nightshift)
Deep South Playaz-”Kushy Heights”Stayin’ In The Shade EP(Greenhouse)
Deep House Soldiers-”Southern Soul Edit”Bring It Up(Limestone)
Squirrel People-”Bert”We Are(Seasons)

Listen to the mix:

Kaskade-”Meditation to The Groove”(Johnny Fiasco Mix)12″EP(Om)
haboh’s Pick of the Week: D Train-”Keep On”The Loft vol. 2(Nutronic)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Jay Tripwire-”Do Me This Way”12″EP(Leaf)
Scott Pace & Paul Paredes-”Juice”12″EP(Mouthful)
Jason Hodges-”Summer Breeze”12″EP(Sampled)
Kathy Brown-”Never Again”(Copyright Classic Mix)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)

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