Week of 4/15/04 mix by Ms.Angel and Haboh

week of 4/15/04
Plej-”Blue”Electronic Music From The Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Dimitri From Paris-”Live Jazz”(MAW Remix)12″EP(Discograph)
Scuba-”Heavenly”Hidden Treasures(Om)
Freaks-”Dance & Disorder”12″EP(Music for Freaks)
The Obliqsound Remixes-”Tama Felise”(Freaks Remix)12″EP(Obliqsound)
Vikter Duplaix-”Sensuality”Singles: Prelude to the Future(!K7)
Chris Lum-”Por Que Amor”Roger Sanchez pres. Release Yourself 2(Indeep)
The Rurals-”That Feelin”Headsongs LP(Peng)
The Rurals-”Star”Headsongs LP(Peng)

ms.angel and haboh’s SoVery mix:

Miguel Migs-”Pressure”(Disco Tech Mix)City Sounds 2 Vancouver(nrk)
Stacy Kidd-”Chicago”Chicago Grooves Pt.1(Afterschool)
Daddy J&Face-”A1″Wax Affair(Ploff)
Kaskade-”In This Life”(Instrumental)12″EP(Society Heights)
Mister O-”I Gave It All Up”(Natural Rhythm Remix)12″EP(Lowdown Music)
Jay Tripwire feat. Alexander East & Andrew Spence-”Do Me This Way”Do Me This Way EP(Leaf)
Freaks-”Creeps(You’re Giving Me)”(Freaks Old Street Dub)The Creeps(MFF)
Daddy J&Face-”B2″Wax Affair(Ploff)
Dub.e.us-”Blood Red”12″EP(Fair Park)
Grey&Chakaharta-”Aqua A Go Go”A Warm Focus EP(Fairpark)
Metro Area”Tonky Pumpz”12″EP(Environ)

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Aaron Carl-”My House”(The Holliss P Monroe)My House The Remixes(OVUM)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Stranger Bay-”Interview Song”12″EP(Grayhound)
Plej-”You”Electronic Music From The Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Louie Vega-”Mon Amour”Elements of Life LP(Vega Records)
Kelly Polar Quartet-”Hammer/Anvil”12″EP(Environ)
Miguel Migs-”Making Moves”City Sounds 2 Vancouver(nrk)
Iffy-”hi-life”(Lance DeSardi’s “Land Shark” Dub)12″EP(Utensil)
Ms. Keisha G.-”Sun Will Shine”(Mission Control Dub)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)

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