Week of 4/1/04 mix by DJ Garth

week of 4/01/04
John Beltran-”Rain In Shibuya”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Madison Park w/ Lenny B-”Ocean Drive”Boutique(Basic Lux)
Lamb-”Wonder”Between Darkness and Wonder
Junkie XL-”Never Alone”Radio JXL(Koch)
Chromeo-”Ah Oui Comme Ca”She’s In Control(Vice)
E-Man-”Slangin”(Jon Cutler Mix)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Los Hermanos-”Quetzal”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Antonio Ocasio”Echu Aye”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)

DJ Garth’s SoVery mix:
GarthStranger Bay-”Interview Song”12″EP(Grayhound)
f.i.t.s. vs the idjuts-”Deborah dub”12″EP(Session)
Stranger Bay-”So Unnecessary”12″EP(Grayhound)
Engine-”Startin to Feel”(Sugadaddies Mix)12″EP(Bagatelle Records)
Sneak Thief feat. Lindsay J.-”Cold Ways”12″EP(Lasergun)
Lindbaek & Lindstrom-”Alien in My Pocket”(Lindbaek’s Extended Disco Version)12″EP(Modal)
DTR-”Free Flight”12″EP(Nugroove)
Brennan Green-”Velouria”Vita Contemplativa(Modal)
Flow-”Another Time”(Universal Mix)12″EP(Bottom Line)
Flow feat. Mikey Culture-”Feel The Flow”(Vocal Version)12″EP(Bottom Line)
Aphrodisiac-”Just Before The Dawn”12″EP(Nugroove)
Nick Chacona-”Band Practice”12″EP(Strata)
Malcolm Joseph-”I’m Your Eyes”12″EP(Ustar Records)
Foolish and Sly-”Rainfalls”(Chicken Lips Live Dub)12″EP(Bear Funk)
Rocket-”Out With The Tide”The EZ EP(Grayhound)

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Garth & Eti-”20 Minutes of Disco Glory”(Ye Olde Organ Grinder Mix)12″EP(Wicked)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Swayzak Fabric 11
Osunlade feat. Maiya James-”Same Thing?”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Ms. Keisha G.-”Sun Will Shine”(Mission Control Dub)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Demarkus Lewis-”Martian Dub”12″EP(Greenskeepers)
St. Germain-”Rose Rouge”12″EP(Blue Note)
C. Jackson-”Whatcha Gonna Do”Selected Sessions V.2(Jump)
Swayzak Fabric 11 excerpt

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