Monthly Archive for April, 2004

Week of 4/29/04 mix by Haboh

week of 4/29/04
Air-”Cherry Blossom Girl”Talkie Walkie(Virgin)
Slow Train Soul-”Tell Me Somethin’”Illegal Cargo(Tommy Boy)
P’Taah-”Riot in Lagos(edit)”Rewind!3(Ubiquity)
Tim Deluxe-”2 Kool 4 Skool”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
Kathy Brown-”Never Again”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Kaskade-”Brighter Day”
Plej-”Song”Electronic Music from the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Miguel Migs-”Making Moves”City Sounds 2 Vancouver(nrk)
John Beltran-”Starlight Memories”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Aquanote-”Nowhere”The Pearl(Naked)
Glenn Underground-”Stringing Me”12″EP(Eargasmic Records)

Haboh’s SoVery Mix:

Joshua-”Simple Pleasures”12″EP(White)
Guria Revision-”Summertime Revision”(Levan remix)12″EP(Chica Discos)
Deepcode-”Oneness”Code Metaphysics EP(Smooth Agent)
Scott Pace & Paul Paredes-”Juice”12″EP(Mouthful)
East Coast Boogie Men-”Mile High Club”Double Agent Duece Part 1(Amenti Music)
Swirl People-”More Emotion”Bambino EP(Lowdown)
Inland Knights-”Our Love”Six of the Best(Drop)

Listen to the mix:

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Dialect-”Sitting in the Sun”(Derrick Carter’s Winter Crazy Dub Reprise)Sitting In the Sun LP(Distance)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Grey & Chakaharta-”
Plej-”Thrill”Electronic Music from the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Grey & Chakaharta-”
Jacob London-”The Bull Cow’s Gonna Smack Ya (In Da Butt)”Brown Alert(Classic)
Jay Tripwire-”
Patchwork-”Summertime”Lounge Story 2

Week of 4/22/04 mix by Nitelite

week of 4/22/04
John Beltran-”Starlight Memories”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Late Night Alumni-”Hope”United Nations Of Future Music vol. 2(Om)
Siciana Soul-”Starlite”(Siciana Soul Vocal)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Swirl People-”More Emotion”Bambino EP(Lowdown)
Grey & Chakaharta-”Hit The Nuco”A Warm Focus EP(Fair Park)
Sunday Scoundrels feat. Audio Angel-”Nothin’ Goin’ On”12″EP(Roam)
Tim Delux-”We All Love Sax”The Little Ginger Clubkid(Underwater)
Cesaria Evora-”Sargue De Beirona”(Main Pass by Francois K)Club Sodade(Lusafrica)
Weekend Players-”21st Century”Pursuit of Happiness(Multiply)

Reid & Eugene’s SoVery mix, Nitelite edition:

Moodymann-”Norma Jean Bell”Classics Series Vol.1(Funky Chocolate)
Miguel Migs-”Salted Mood Dub”Come On(OM)
Gabi Newman-”Let Me Love You”12″EP(Stereo)
Matty Heilbronn-”Go Getter”12″EP(Papa Records)
Kaskade-”Keep On”12″EP(Lowdown)
Kaskade-”Rubber Horn”12″EP(Greenskeepers)
Unkown-”Unkown”Groovin’ vol. 5(White)
Rtao-”What We Need Is Now”(Joe Silva Remix)12″EP(Elevation)
Joy Youngman-”Jackpot”Welcome to Oakland EP(Nightshift)
Deep South Playaz-”Kushy Heights”Stayin’ In The Shade EP(Greenhouse)
Deep House Soldiers-”Southern Soul Edit”Bring It Up(Limestone)
Squirrel People-”Bert”We Are(Seasons)

Listen to the mix:

Kaskade-”Meditation to The Groove”(Johnny Fiasco Mix)12″EP(Om)
haboh’s Pick of the Week: D Train-”Keep On”The Loft vol. 2(Nutronic)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Jay Tripwire-”Do Me This Way”12″EP(Leaf)
Scott Pace & Paul Paredes-”Juice”12″EP(Mouthful)
Jason Hodges-”Summer Breeze”12″EP(Sampled)
Kathy Brown-”Never Again”(Copyright Classic Mix)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)

Week of 4/15/04 mix by Ms.Angel and Haboh

week of 4/15/04
Plej-”Blue”Electronic Music From The Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Dimitri From Paris-”Live Jazz”(MAW Remix)12″EP(Discograph)
Scuba-”Heavenly”Hidden Treasures(Om)
Freaks-”Dance & Disorder”12″EP(Music for Freaks)
The Obliqsound Remixes-”Tama Felise”(Freaks Remix)12″EP(Obliqsound)
Vikter Duplaix-”Sensuality”Singles: Prelude to the Future(!K7)
Chris Lum-”Por Que Amor”Roger Sanchez pres. Release Yourself 2(Indeep)
The Rurals-”That Feelin”Headsongs LP(Peng)
The Rurals-”Star”Headsongs LP(Peng)

ms.angel and haboh’s SoVery mix:

Miguel Migs-”Pressure”(Disco Tech Mix)City Sounds 2 Vancouver(nrk)
Stacy Kidd-”Chicago”Chicago Grooves Pt.1(Afterschool)
Daddy J&Face-”A1″Wax Affair(Ploff)
Kaskade-”In This Life”(Instrumental)12″EP(Society Heights)
Mister O-”I Gave It All Up”(Natural Rhythm Remix)12″EP(Lowdown Music)
Jay Tripwire feat. Alexander East & Andrew Spence-”Do Me This Way”Do Me This Way EP(Leaf)
Freaks-”Creeps(You’re Giving Me)”(Freaks Old Street Dub)The Creeps(MFF)
Daddy J&Face-”B2″Wax Affair(Ploff)”Blood Red”12″EP(Fair Park)
Grey&Chakaharta-”Aqua A Go Go”A Warm Focus EP(Fairpark)
Metro Area”Tonky Pumpz”12″EP(Environ)

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Aaron Carl-”My House”(The Holliss P Monroe)My House The Remixes(OVUM)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Stranger Bay-”Interview Song”12″EP(Grayhound)
Plej-”You”Electronic Music From The Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Louie Vega-”Mon Amour”Elements of Life LP(Vega Records)
Kelly Polar Quartet-”Hammer/Anvil”12″EP(Environ)
Miguel Migs-”Making Moves”City Sounds 2 Vancouver(nrk)
Iffy-”hi-life”(Lance DeSardi’s “Land Shark” Dub)12″EP(Utensil)
Ms. Keisha G.-”Sun Will Shine”(Mission Control Dub)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)

Week of 4/8/04 mix by Ms.Angel and Haboh

week of 4/8/04
John Beltran-”Kissed By The Sun”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Tim Deluxe-”Heavy Weather”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
Madison Park-”Nu Sensation”Boutique(Basic Lux)
Mark Grant feat. Russoul-”Girl With U”(dub)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Plej-”Shimmer”Electronic Music from the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Vikter Duplaix-”Messages”Singles:Prelude to the Future(!K7)
Cesaria Evora-”Angola”(Carl Craig’s Remix)Club Sodade(Lusafrica)
Bjork-”There’s More to Life Than This”(Recorded live at the Milk Bar toilets)Debut(Elektra)
Tim Deluxe-”Battle”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
DJ Fluid-”Presence”Sounds of Om v.4 mixed by DJ Fluid(Om)
Kaskade-”Meditation to the Groove”(Johnny Fiasco Mix)Sounds of Om v.4 mixed by DJ Fluid(Om)
Afro-Mystik-”Rhythm Is?”(Marques Wyatt Mix)Sounds of Om v.4 mixed by DJ Fluid(Om)

ms.angel and haboh’s “So Very” mix:

Reclose-”Absence of me”12″EP(Planet E)
Rithma-(JoshuasLove the Dub Edit)12″EP(White)
Mephisto Odyssey-”The Lift”(Doc Martins Deep Wax Dub)The Lift Remixes(Primal Trax)
Dimitri From Paris-”Live Jazz”Maw Remix12″Ep(White)
YMC-”Organic”Nitelife Ep(Yoshitoshi)
Magic Johnson”Feelin Freaky Dub”12″Ep(Tango)
Swirl Peepz Vs. eastcoast Boogiemen”Double Duece”12″Ep(Amentimusic)
Lance Desardi-”Ive Been There”The Urban Bourbon Ep((MousiqueBoutique)
James Holroyd-”Work Me”Bit the Dog Ep(20 20 Vision)
Alexkid-”Come With Me”(Tiga’s Aciddeathrave remix)Come With Me EP(F Comm)
Underworld-”Two Months Off”(John Ciafone Vocal Remix)12″EP(JBO)
Dzihan & Kamien-”after 6:51(atjazz remix)12″EP(Couch Records)

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Decendents”Coolige”ALL(SST)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Stranger Bay-”Interview Song”12″EP(Grayhound)
Paul Paredes and Scott Pace-”I’m My Own Walkman”(the original walkman)12″EP(Flygaric Tracks)
Sebastian Amore-”Living Through Emotion”The Fort Greene Life EP(Aesoteric)
Julius Papp-”Feel the Rhythm”
Julius Papp-”Getaway Love”

Week of 4/1/04 mix by DJ Garth

week of 4/01/04
John Beltran-”Rain In Shibuya”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Madison Park w/ Lenny B-”Ocean Drive”Boutique(Basic Lux)
Lamb-”Wonder”Between Darkness and Wonder
Junkie XL-”Never Alone”Radio JXL(Koch)
Chromeo-”Ah Oui Comme Ca”She’s In Control(Vice)
E-Man-”Slangin”(Jon Cutler Mix)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Los Hermanos-”Quetzal”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Antonio Ocasio”Echu Aye”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)

DJ Garth’s SoVery mix:
GarthStranger Bay-”Interview Song”12″EP(Grayhound)
f.i.t.s. vs the idjuts-”Deborah dub”12″EP(Session)
Stranger Bay-”So Unnecessary”12″EP(Grayhound)
Engine-”Startin to Feel”(Sugadaddies Mix)12″EP(Bagatelle Records)
Sneak Thief feat. Lindsay J.-”Cold Ways”12″EP(Lasergun)
Lindbaek & Lindstrom-”Alien in My Pocket”(Lindbaek’s Extended Disco Version)12″EP(Modal)
DTR-”Free Flight”12″EP(Nugroove)
Brennan Green-”Velouria”Vita Contemplativa(Modal)
Flow-”Another Time”(Universal Mix)12″EP(Bottom Line)
Flow feat. Mikey Culture-”Feel The Flow”(Vocal Version)12″EP(Bottom Line)
Aphrodisiac-”Just Before The Dawn”12″EP(Nugroove)
Nick Chacona-”Band Practice”12″EP(Strata)
Malcolm Joseph-”I’m Your Eyes”12″EP(Ustar Records)
Foolish and Sly-”Rainfalls”(Chicken Lips Live Dub)12″EP(Bear Funk)
Rocket-”Out With The Tide”The EZ EP(Grayhound)

haboh’s Pick of the Week: Garth & Eti-”20 Minutes of Disco Glory”(Ye Olde Organ Grinder Mix)12″EP(Wicked)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Swayzak Fabric 11
Osunlade feat. Maiya James-”Same Thing?”Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Ms. Keisha G.-”Sun Will Shine”(Mission Control Dub)Marques Wyatt Horizons(Om)
Demarkus Lewis-”Martian Dub”12″EP(Greenskeepers)
St. Germain-”Rose Rouge”12″EP(Blue Note)
C. Jackson-”Whatcha Gonna Do”Selected Sessions V.2(Jump)
Swayzak Fabric 11 excerpt