Week of 3/18/04 mix by Eugene

week of 3/18/04
P’Taah-”Baltimore Oriole”Rewind!3(Ubiquity)
Justin Harris-”Whats Inside My Head”(Lil Mark Remix)12″EP(Tom Bone)
Ennio Morricone-”Alla Serenita”(Hakan Liddbo Remix)Ennio Morricone Remixes vol.1(Compost)
Tim Deluxe-”Mundaya(The Boy)”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
Madison Park-”Give Me Your Love”Boutique(basic/lux)
Plej-”Song”Electronic Music From the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Louie Vega-”Tu Y Yo”Elements of Life(Vega)
Freddie Montanez feat. Jessica Lyn-”Vegas Nights”Vegas Nights EP(Movim)
Lance DeSardi-”I’ve Been There”(John Larner G Phone Mix)The Urban Bourban EP(Muzique Boutique)
Miguel Migs-”Don’t Stand There”City Sounds EP(nrk)
Plej-”Blue”Electronic Music From the Swedish Left Coast(Exceptional)
Lance DeSardi-”Computer People”The Urban Bourban EP(Muzique Boutique)

Eugene’s “So Very” mix:
Natural Rhythm-”Freak FM”(Littlemen Remix)12″EP(Blockhead)
Mister Moobak-”Unkown”12″EP(White)
Physics-”Blue Flame”Blue Flame EP(Large)
DJ Dove-”Come On”Proper Ghettoism(Mn2s)
Jaywood-”One Night in Long Beach”12″EP(White)
Rithma-”Everyone’s Sleeping Today”(Jacob London Remix)12″EP(Om)
Jacob London-”Monkeys Love Icecream”No Cream in the Monkey Fort(Double Down)
Jacob London-”Regular Absorbency”Casual Bingo(Classic)
Miguel Migs-”One-Two-One-Two”City Sounds(Nrk)
David Garcia & Joey Mazzola-”Like This”(Lawnchair Generals’ Remix)12″EP(Look and Feel)
Joey Youngman-”Luv Bump”Luv Bump EP(Good Family)
Tham Solo-”One Luv”Mint Julip(Peaches)
JT Donaldson-”Right Here, Right Now”12″EP(Gallery)
Robot Love-”unkown”12″EP(white)

Listen to the mix:

haboh’s Pick of the Week:Freaks”Dance Sing get Up and Do Your Thing”12″EP(Music For Freaks)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Chromeo-”Ah Oui Comme Ca”She’s In Control(Vice)
Dandruff Truckers-”Way Back”12″EP(Bar B Q)
Miguel Migs-”One Two One Two”City Sounds(nrk)
Chuck Daniels-”Deep Bleeps”12″EP(Sampled)

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