Week of 3/11/04 mix by Haboh

week of 3/11/04
Paolo Fedreghini-”Please Don’t Leave”Rewind!3(Ubiquity)
Chris Lum-”Alone Together”Taken By Oz EP(Spanish Fly)
Plej-”Evum”Electronic Music from the Swedish Left Coast(exceptional)
Miguel Migs-”Come On”Sounds of Om v.4(Om)
JunkieXL-”Reload”Radio JunkieXL(Koch)
Agoria-”Road Movie”12″EP(DIFF)
Tim Deluxe-”It Just Won’t Do”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
Cesaria Evora-”Sangue de Beirona”(Main Pass by Francois K)Club Sodade(Lusafrica)
Chris Lum-”Ease Up On It”Taken By Oz EP(Spanish Fly)

Haboh’s SoVery mix:

Olav Brekke Mathisen-”Ansaff I Kommunen”Doc Martin Sounds You Can Feel(Classic)
Frederic Blais-”My Favorite Time”Be My Love EP(Obsession Music)
Inland Knights-”Blame”Hot Soup EP(So Sound)
Mark Farina-”Dropped Into Water”Air Farina(Om)
Natural Rhythm-”Zen”Polyphonic EP(Seasons)
dub.e.us-”Lyin’ Beats”Blood Red EP(Fair Park)
Brett Johnson and Dave Barker-”Stucco Homes”(Return of the Ghost Remix)Stucco Homes EP(Classic)
Mud Substance-”Rack Me Up”12″EP(Drop)
Jason Hodges-”Wood U?”Hot Jizz All Up In Yo Face EP(Oomph)
Mark Farina-”Leaving SF(w/ Lance De Sardi)”Air Farina(Om)
Metro Area-”Tonky Pumpz”Metro Area3(Environ)

haboh’s Pick of the Week:Nick Holder-”Paradise”12″EP(DNH)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week:Chicken Lips-”Do It Proper”12″EP(Azuli)
Freaks-”Can we Freak it”Meanwhile Back at the Disco LP(MFF)
Everything But the Girl-”Five Fathoms”Single(Virgin)
Souldoubt-”Running Out”12″EP(Houseplant)

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