Week of 2/26/04 mix by Jason Silingo

week of 2/26/04
Kaskade-”True”(Kaskade’s Original)12″EP(Utensil)
Hi-Life-”Hi Life”(Lance DeSardi’s Land Shark Dub)12″EP(Utensil)
Inland Knights-”Right Now”12″EP(Drop Music)
Nu Freak-”Funkized”Freak Out(GGP)
John Beltran-”Starlight Memories”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Inland Knights pres. New Static-”Both Ends”12″EP(Drop Music)
Underworld-”Jumbo”1992-2002(JBO – V2)
Tim Deluxe-”We All Love Sax”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater Records)

Jason Silingo’s ‘so very’ mix:
JasonSlop Salon-”Meet Mr. J”12″EP(A Speak)
Curve Pusher-”Revolution Begins”12″EP(Remains)
Hakan Lidbo-”Allergic”Moodorama EP(Audio Beyond Recordings)
Mark Farina-”Chik ‘n’ Stu”The Landscape EP(Panhandle)
Sysco-”Sick In The Head”Hibernated Expressions(Tresca Recordings)
Robin Porter & lucas Rodenbush-”Freeway To Heaven”Dreams Of Santa Ana EP(Shvamusik)
Hakan Lidbo-”Plan B”The P EP(Special Needs)
Jeff Bennet-”Audioable”Isolation(Kung Fu Dub)
Stewart Walker-”Senza Merda”Live Extracts(Persona)
John Dahlback-”Enigmatic”Reliable EP(Affected Music)
Jesper Dahlback-”Piano Madness”Summer Jam Madness EP(2020 Vision)
DJ Jerome-”Capa-City”Techlounge EP(P Sounds)
Warp 9-”Cannone”12″EP(Laws Of Motion)
Rozzo-”Blew”12″EP(Track Down)

ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Tim Deluxe feat. Ben Onono-”Battle”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater Records)
Jason Silingo’s Pick of The Week: Hakan Lidbo-”Alla Serenita”Ennio Morricone Remixes vol. 1(Compost)
Vikter Duplaix-”Messages”Singles [Prelude to The Future](!K7)
John Beltran-”Kissed by the Sun”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
The Dandruff Truckers vs. Erykah Badu-”Way Back”12″EP(Bar-B-Q)
Jason Hodges-”Fuck Hodges”(Freaks Whoshodges Redo)Fuck Hodges the Remixes(Oomph)

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