Week of 2/19/04 mix by Ms.Angel

week of 2/19/04
Tim Deluxe-”Heavy Weather”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
VHS or Beta-”Solid Gold”(Joshua’s Solid Mix)Remixes(Stifle)
Louie Vega-”Nos Vida”Elements Of Life(Vega Records)
John Beltran-”Kissed By The Sun”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Rithma-”Love & Music”(Joshua’s Love The Vox Mix)Sounds Of Om v.4(Om)
Miguel Migs-”Petalpushing”12″EP
Elsa-”Open Your Eyes”Rewind! 3(Ubiquity)
Alexkid-”Fleur Bleue”Mint(F Comm)

ms. angel’s SoVery mix:
Vivian Green-”Fanatic”(Francois K & Eric Kupper Classic Vocal Mix)12″EP(Columbia)
Demarkus Lewis-”Keep It Comin’”Pandemonium(Alluv)
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band-”Think Twice”(Swag Remix)12″EP(Emperor Norton)
Funky Transport-”Stephen”(The Freaks Doobie Dub)The Flow(2020 Vision)
Sean Smith-”Something I Wanna Say”Cycle of Love EP(Loveslap)
Alexkid-”Come With Me”(Brett Johnson’s Flavor of the Moment Mix)12″EP(F Comm)
Rithma-”Love & Music”(Joshua’s Love the Dub Edit)12″EP(Om)
Souldoubt-”Show Me”Laptop Dancer(Freaked)
VHS or Beta-”Solid Gold”(Bob Mould Loud Bomb Mix)Solid Gold Remixes(Stifle)
rinocerose-”Lost Love”(Dubtribe Remix)12″EP(V2 Music)
Solar House-”Heaven(Cloud Nine)”Harmony Blues EP(Large)

Haboh’s Pick Of The Week: Bjork-”I Miss You”(RH Factor Lovely Mix)12″EP(Elektra)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Tim Deluxe-”Less Talk More Action”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
The Fog-”Been A Long Time”12″EP(Pukka Records)
Coral Way Cheifs-”Reach for Me”12″EP(Murk)
Tim Deluxe-”2 Kool 4 Skool”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
Bougie Soliterre-”Superficial”Nude Dimensions Vol. 2(Naked)
Wally Callerio-”Sunshine in the Park”The Love Safari EP(Dufflebag)

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