Monthly Archive for February, 2004

Week of 2/26/04 mix by Jason Silingo

week of 2/26/04
Kaskade-”True”(Kaskade’s Original)12″EP(Utensil)
Hi-Life-”Hi Life”(Lance DeSardi’s Land Shark Dub)12″EP(Utensil)
Inland Knights-”Right Now”12″EP(Drop Music)
Nu Freak-”Funkized”Freak Out(GGP)
John Beltran-”Starlight Memories”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Inland Knights pres. New Static-”Both Ends”12″EP(Drop Music)
Underworld-”Jumbo”1992-2002(JBO – V2)
Tim Deluxe-”We All Love Sax”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater Records)

Jason Silingo’s ‘so very’ mix:
JasonSlop Salon-”Meet Mr. J”12″EP(A Speak)
Curve Pusher-”Revolution Begins”12″EP(Remains)
Hakan Lidbo-”Allergic”Moodorama EP(Audio Beyond Recordings)
Mark Farina-”Chik ‘n’ Stu”The Landscape EP(Panhandle)
Sysco-”Sick In The Head”Hibernated Expressions(Tresca Recordings)
Robin Porter & lucas Rodenbush-”Freeway To Heaven”Dreams Of Santa Ana EP(Shvamusik)
Hakan Lidbo-”Plan B”The P EP(Special Needs)
Jeff Bennet-”Audioable”Isolation(Kung Fu Dub)
Stewart Walker-”Senza Merda”Live Extracts(Persona)
John Dahlback-”Enigmatic”Reliable EP(Affected Music)
Jesper Dahlback-”Piano Madness”Summer Jam Madness EP(2020 Vision)
DJ Jerome-”Capa-City”Techlounge EP(P Sounds)
Warp 9-”Cannone”12″EP(Laws Of Motion)
Rozzo-”Blew”12″EP(Track Down)

ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Tim Deluxe feat. Ben Onono-”Battle”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater Records)
Jason Silingo’s Pick of The Week: Hakan Lidbo-”Alla Serenita”Ennio Morricone Remixes vol. 1(Compost)
Vikter Duplaix-”Messages”Singles [Prelude to The Future](!K7)
John Beltran-”Kissed by the Sun”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
The Dandruff Truckers vs. Erykah Badu-”Way Back”12″EP(Bar-B-Q)
Jason Hodges-”Fuck Hodges”(Freaks Whoshodges Redo)Fuck Hodges the Remixes(Oomph)

Week of 2/19/04 mix by Ms.Angel

week of 2/19/04
Tim Deluxe-”Heavy Weather”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
VHS or Beta-”Solid Gold”(Joshua’s Solid Mix)Remixes(Stifle)
Louie Vega-”Nos Vida”Elements Of Life(Vega Records)
John Beltran-”Kissed By The Sun”In Full Color(Ubiquity)
Rithma-”Love & Music”(Joshua’s Love The Vox Mix)Sounds Of Om v.4(Om)
Miguel Migs-”Petalpushing”12″EP
Elsa-”Open Your Eyes”Rewind! 3(Ubiquity)
Alexkid-”Fleur Bleue”Mint(F Comm)

ms. angel’s SoVery mix:
Vivian Green-”Fanatic”(Francois K & Eric Kupper Classic Vocal Mix)12″EP(Columbia)
Demarkus Lewis-”Keep It Comin’”Pandemonium(Alluv)
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band-”Think Twice”(Swag Remix)12″EP(Emperor Norton)
Funky Transport-”Stephen”(The Freaks Doobie Dub)The Flow(2020 Vision)
Sean Smith-”Something I Wanna Say”Cycle of Love EP(Loveslap)
Alexkid-”Come With Me”(Brett Johnson’s Flavor of the Moment Mix)12″EP(F Comm)
Rithma-”Love & Music”(Joshua’s Love the Dub Edit)12″EP(Om)
Souldoubt-”Show Me”Laptop Dancer(Freaked)
VHS or Beta-”Solid Gold”(Bob Mould Loud Bomb Mix)Solid Gold Remixes(Stifle)
rinocerose-”Lost Love”(Dubtribe Remix)12″EP(V2 Music)
Solar House-”Heaven(Cloud Nine)”Harmony Blues EP(Large)

Haboh’s Pick Of The Week: Bjork-”I Miss You”(RH Factor Lovely Mix)12″EP(Elektra)
ms.angel’s Pick of The Week: Tim Deluxe-”Less Talk More Action”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
The Fog-”Been A Long Time”12″EP(Pukka Records)
Coral Way Cheifs-”Reach for Me”12″EP(Murk)
Tim Deluxe-”2 Kool 4 Skool”The Little Ginger Club Kid(Underwater)
Bougie Soliterre-”Superficial”Nude Dimensions Vol. 2(Naked)
Wally Callerio-”Sunshine in the Park”The Love Safari EP(Dufflebag)

Week of 2/12/04 mix by DJ Keebler

week of 2/12/04
Damon Aaron-”Willing”Rewind!3(Ubiquity)
Dirty Harry-”Hectic Funk”Dimitri from Paris-In the House(Defected)
Doug Willis-”Got to Get your Own”(Joey Negro Club Mix)Dimitri from Paris-In the House(Defected)
The Fog vs. Chicken Lips-”Been a Long Time Since I Had A Smirnoff Ice”
Chris Lum-”Want More”(djemels rmx)Want More Vinyl
Basement Jaxx-”Right Here’s the Spot”Kish Kash(Astralwerks)
H Foundation-”Tonight”(Fred Everything’s vocal)Passage of Time

So Very Mix by Keebler
DJ KeeblerH Foundation-”Release”Revolutions 1(Low Pressings)
Inland Knights-”Twelve Till Eight”Six of the Best(Drop Music)
Les Jardiniers-”Funky Daktari”Funky Daktari Remixes(Society Hill)
Inland Knights-”Our Love”Six of the Best(Drop Music)
Inland Knights-”Blame”Hot Soup EP(So Sound)
Inland Knights-”Sometimes”Six Of The Best(Drop Music)
Terra deva-”Fresh Start”(Unreleased Bonus Dub)Derrick L. Carter: Nearest Hits & Greatest Mixes(Classic)
Hall & Oates-”I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”(Hoax Remix)12″EP(BMG)
Jonene feat. Mr. Kaboom If Your Nasty-”Merry Go Round”12″EP(Doubledown)
David Garcia & Joey Mazzola-”Like This (Doin’ It Part 1)”(Diesel & Desmet’s Amenti Mix)12″EP(Look And Feel)
Sudio Nova-”Disco Fuzz”Bunchlox Sampler v.2(Bunchlox)
Peace Division-”Back 2 Back”Revolutions 1(Low Pressings)
Canda-”All Night”(Don’t Give a F*** Mix)Springtime(H Star)
Beat Freakz-”P.Y.T.”(Fuel Club Mix)12″EP(Spinnin)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week:Jason Hodges-”Alright”Hot Jiz All Up In Yo Face Ep.(Oomph)
Ms.Angel’s Pick of the Week: Chicken Lips-”Bad Skin”
The Scumfrog-”Music Revolution”
Daft Punk vs. Michael Jackson-” Daft Club
Yukihiro Fukutomi-”Drifting”(Raw Deal Mix)Sakura Aural Bliss(Kriztal)
G.O.D.”Guys and Girls”12″EP(Nice and Ripe)
Filthy Hot Jizz -”Jurrasic Filth”12″EP(Lego)

Week of 2/5/04 mix by Nitelite

week of 2/5/04
Dubtribe Sound System-”Rhythm In Your Mind”Roger Sanchez Presents-Release Yourself Part 2(Indeep)
DJ Fluid-”Spiritual Vibes”Sounds of Om v.4(Om)
Louie Vega-”Mon Amor”Elements of Life(Vega Records)
Behind The Groove-”Calling Your Name”Roger Sanchez Presents-Release Yourself Part 2(Indeep)
Kaskade-”What Are You 2 Me”Roger Sanchez Presents-Release Yourself Part 2(Indeep)
Miguel Migs-”Feel It”(Main Dubpusher Bass Mix)Feel It EP(nrk)

So Very Mix by Reid and Eugene

ReidSun Orchestra feat. Karl the Voice-”Needs”(Main Mix)Love Symphony EP(Straight Up)
Fred Everything-”For Your Pleasure”(Main Mix)For Your Pleasure EP(2020 Vision)
Joey Youngman-”Psychic Friends”Psychic Friends EP(Nightshift)
Lance DeSardi-”My Man Rex”Famous Thick Crust Beats EP(Greenskeepers)
DJ Ali-Show Me Right”Show Me Right EP(Manali)
Lance DeSardi-”Take That”Doghouse EP(Choice Cuts)
Eddie Matos-”Talkin’ Bout Love”Funk Food(Odds and Ends)
Deep House Soldiers-”Taylor’s Theme”(Rick Preston Mix Steamerlane Re-rub)Taylor Steam EP(Mimosa)
J Boogie feat. Omega-”Rainfall”(Kaskade Remix)Dubtronic Science(Om)
Les Jardiniers-Funky Daktari (Derrick Carter Remix)Funky Daktari(Society Hill)
Thomas Crown-”Party”12″EP(White)
Jason Hodges-”Stinky”(East Coast Boogie Remix)Fuck Hodges(Oomph)
The Jets-”Rocket 2 U”12″EP(MCA)

Haboh’s Pick of the Week: Herbert-”oo licky”Parts 1,2 and 3 LP(Phonography)
Ms.Angel’s Pick of the Week: Rise-”Ashen”Roger Sanchez Presents-Release Yourself Part 2(Indeep)